TechnoBuffalo: Darksiders 2 Review – Don’t Fear the Reaper, He’s Not That Exciting

TechnoBuffalo: There’s a lot that’s remarkable about the Darksiders series. It’s a first from a new developer, Vigil Games. It’s a new IP from a struggling publisher, THQ. It sports high production values across the board with a unified art direction, strong level design, and solid combat.

And yet, why am I so bored?

While Darksiders was about the Horseman of the Apocalypse named War, Darksiders 2 is the story of Death and takes place before the first. War, having been sent to Earth under false pretenses to initiate the apocalypse, was imprisoned for a century. Death, during War’s imprisonment, aims to save his wronged brother.

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DivineAssault 2182d ago

damn, thats a pretty low score.. Oh well, bargain bin will see it soon since its not selling too much

Captain Qwark 92182d ago

thats a damn shame. its an amazing game far better than a 6.5.

beerkeg2182d ago

Yeah, it's a great game. I can't see how anyone could give it less than an 8, it's one of the best games released this year.

hades072181d ago

How is the game not selling much when it was the best selling game for the month of august? Great game, not as good as the first. Found it not as interesting character and environment wise and a little rushed at the end (a little more lilith and Samael would have been great), but still a great game overall.

DivineAssault 2181d ago

im going to give it a try.. It just couldnt break a million in all regions combined.. Itd a damn shame too.. Good games dont sell these days unless they have guns

MrAnderson2181d ago

I pity you that you're so unable to think for yourself that you'll believe someone elses opinion and take it as fact and absorb it into your own thoughts as if it were your own conciousness, when you probably don't even know the guy writing the review.

the game is great, one of my favourite games this year, great combat, good puzzles, great dungeons, an amazing art style and unique world to explore, and lots of gameplay, but it's ok, you miss out on a great game because some random asshole with no taste said "i give it a 6.5"

1nsomniac2181d ago

Eventually a truthful review for once!

deletingthis346753342181d ago

One 6.5/10 review...or the multiple 8+ reviews...looks like a 1 against 50 to me.

3-4-52181d ago

The combat is a joke.

You do the same 3 moves and then the jumping spin sword attack.

Over and over and over and over and over again.

At least that is what I get from the game play videos.

palaeomerus2181d ago

So your opinion is basically worthless and uninformed...

MrAnderson2181d ago

there's like 15-20 different moves you can do as soon as you start the game, another 15-20 you can buy, then about another 5 you can get through skill trees, aswell as multiple upgrades to give them elemental damage, healing, critical bonus etc, you know nothing, and you're a jackass.