Battlefield 3 Premium Event for Armored Kill Now On-Going

Battlefield 3 Premium members can now compete in a Premium-only exclusive event that's on-going for all platforms as we speak.

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Sticky__Rice2152d ago

How about some IN-GAME content! WTF dice!?!?!?!? -.-

Freddy_Millz12152d ago

There is a soldier pack getting ready to drop in the next few days, Armored Kill Dlc is stil registered as new content and it was just resently patched big time.

What the hell else do u want from them lady/man?

Sticky__Rice2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Camo for my f**king sniper rifle! Not some f**king artwork. I paid $50 in advanced; i should be gettinng more content for the game. These bonus drops had me excited in the beginning because it was suppsoe to be "in-game" bonuses to the player/consumer. What the hell am i gonna do with artwork? Not every player is a collector.

KONAAs2152d ago

u all are dumb bitches, u paid for the add on packs, the new maps and veicles, the other stuff is bonus content, no one gives a fuck about camo, go play COD activision fucks ppl more with the money, they never get new guns,

Grap2152d ago

Duce really F* who bought this game day one.

Minsec68202152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Remember when Battlefield 3 was supposed to be the most awesome thing since Jesus mounted a velociraptor and made sweet, sweet love to Marylin Monroe thus giving birth to the universe?

Yeah, well I'm pretty sure if I had a time machine I could make a pretty penny charging disappointed Battlefield 3 fans money to go back in time and warn their past selves not to even bother.

I would be quite the wealthy man....