Hitman dev: standard multiplayer "always tempting", but must fit franchise

Hitman: Absolution developer IO Interactive has said that, while standard multiplayer deathmatch modes were "always tempting", such offerings must always feel appropriate to the game in question.

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TheoreticalParticle2145d ago

"If there was a way we could make multiplayer while throwing all concept of physics out of the window and ensure that there was an infinite supply of nuns stripping off habits to reveal bondage gear, yeah, we'd do it."

No_Pantaloons2145d ago

They might as well, they've already removed the map and fiberwire while adding more emphasis on action, I still hold some hope, but its exhibited all the signs that other games have when they were "streamlined" for mass appeal.

Allsystemgamer2145d ago

Sad really. Why strip options? It's beyond me.

sonicsidewinder2145d ago

What? The Fiberwire is gone?

It's like his trademark weapon!

jaymart2k2145d ago

Fiberwire is in. I saw it in a video. Stop spreading lies.

ChipChipperson2145d ago

Please, please don't tell that is true?! That's literally like giving 47 hair and replacing his red tie and black suit with a wife beater shirt, boxers, and sock garters. Do they at least have him wielding his .45 AMT Hardballers?

imtheman20132144d ago

Fiber wire is still very much in this game. The map is still there as well, just in the form of instinct. It makes the experience much more streamlined and doesn't detract from the experience by forcing the player into a menu/map screen.

kma2k2145d ago

Seems like they could go the Assassins Creed route it is also about hiding & assassinating!

jaymart2k2145d ago

Assassin's Creed mutliplayer in a nut shell. Run around on roof.

MasterD9192145d ago

I'm not sure why 3rd person games feel like they MUST have a multiplayer. Aside from a handful of 3rd person titles, most 3rd person games FAIL at creating a memorable multiplayer experience.

It's just unnecessary and with a ton of FPS games sitting comfortably on top, why even try?

GTRrocker6662142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Standard multiplayer is stale. I prefer infamous 2 or LBP style multiplayer where you create something and share it with a community, instead of just ru ning arouns shooting people and getkng spammed with grenades or spawn camped.