Easy Mode: My First Platinum

GA: Achievements and Trophies are the mark of an excellent gamer. While there are some that you get strictly through game progression, there are those you need to really work for. They are there to prove that you have risen to a challenge even greater than the game itself, and are a marker to help you show off just how friggin’ good you are at something – especially platinums. In order to achieve a platinum you typically need to collect almost all of the other bronze, silver and gold trophies. They typically require a lot of dedication and a lot of time, and usually mean you have to play through the game more than once.

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NovusTerminus2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Congrats on the plat.

My first one was... The first one: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Now... I have 14, with the newest being Gravity Rush gotten just a few days ago.

Though the hardest plat I have gotten that stayed fresh in my mind is either Dead Space 2, Tekken 6 or Demon's Souls (Pure Bladestone was a pain!)