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Bryan at El33tonline writes:

"Realms of Ancient War (RAW) is an Xbox LIVE Arcade (XBLA) fantasy hack-and-slash dungeon crawler action-RPG for fans of fantasy arcade gaming in its purest form and it promises to deliver an experience akin to the golden days of the likes of Gauntlet and Golden Axe.

RAW offers players the choice of three characters - the grizzled warrior, the shadowy rogue, or the cunning wizard. Gameplay basics follow the standard recipe of games of this type: roam, kill, gain XP, level up, boost skills, and all the while looting everything in sight."

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JellyJelly2187d ago

The score seems kind of harsh to me. Imo it felt very fleshed out for an arcade game and it reminded me a lot about the old Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance games, which I love. Great presentation and very moody atmosphere. And solid combat mechanics.

Lucretia2186d ago

it looked ok just cause it was like baldurs gate.

i would wait for a sale though :p