The Point of No Return: Dragon Quest VI

GA: Rage quitting or quitting a game quietly…we’ve all done it at least once. If you haven’t, you’re a liar or you have the patience of a saint. An insane saint, but a saint no less. This irregular (possibly monthly) column is dedicated to those moments of quitting, what caused us to go over the edge and never look back. It’s all about the point of no return.

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Chrono2184d ago

I think you're just a noob. Dragon Quest games are not for JRPG noobs.

Xof2183d ago

Well, they kind of are. They're just about the most archetypal, accessible JRPGs on the market, with combat mechanics refined to perfection.

That's... kind of the reason they're so popular.

Chrono2183d ago

The boss fights are more difficult that the average RPGs, especially the final boss.

penpen42184d ago

Yeaaaah, everyone knows to keep at least one of each rare equipment item in your bag. And especially don't sell the stuff that you can only get once per playthrough. This guy just didn't use JRPG logic and got stuck at a part of the game that should have been a given. (I honestly don't even remember this part of the game because it was such a small event.)