Glenn Beck Thinks EVE Online is a Front for the CIA

GR: "Oh, and also that the CIA is actually Something Awful. It all makes sense!"

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Qrphe1906d ago

Glenn Beck is so smart, he completely foiled the CIA's plans!!!

I wonder what the CIA was planning with DUST 514 anyway!

taquito1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

lol....the CIA doesn't game in 720p or less on 8 year old consoles son, have you seen their monitors, they ONLY game on pc in 1600p

-the only way to game!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1906d ago

ugh.. They put world of darnkess Vampire mmo on hold for ps3 dust 514.. I want WOD!!

WOD would be a huge game!

I can't wait till they get this shooter out and be done with it so they can work on WOD.

soundslike1906d ago

*post obviously sarcastic post on N4G, get disagrees from oblivious 12 year olds*

yesmynameissumo1906d ago

And this douchebag makes millions a year.

JakemanPS319941906d ago

Hes crazy.. no seriously crazy. so crazy FOX kicked him off their channel

cpayne931906d ago

He's actually very intelligent. But he is also crazy. It isn't a good combination, I think I read somewhere that he himself thinks he has schizophrenia.

PinkPartyPony1906d ago

The CIA is indeed something awful, you can rest assured that for every 5 actions that come to light there are 20 that remain buried.

That being said Glenn Beck is a moron.

Project MKUltra, or MK-Ultra, was a covert, illegal human research program into behavioral modification run by the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Office of Scientific Intelligence.

bmb51501906d ago

Oh hey didn't know I was apart of the CIA. Thanks Glenn.

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