'We would slowly die if we stopped making new IP,' says EA exec

Patrick Soderlund discusses innovating with Battlefield 3 and the lust for new ideas

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Cajun Chicken2148d ago

Dante's Inferno has been untouched for about 3 years now...Just saying.

Captain Qwark 92148d ago

indeed and that was a fantastic game i dont care what anybody says. yes it borrowed heavily from god of war but it easily did it justice. id have given that game a 9/10 easy

Lvl_up_gamer2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Absolutely LOVED Dante's Inferno. I was beginning to think I was the only one since you don't see many comments on that game on here.

It's a fantastic story and the gameplay is superb. Qwark 9 is right, Dante's Inferno's gameplay was heavily influenced by God of War as well as it should be. For a Hack n Slash, God of War does have the best gameplay elements IMO. I would give a shout out to Ninja Gaiden but since Itagaki's departure it's never been the same.

I highly recommend Dante's Inferno to ANYONE who enjoys God of War.

da_2pacalypse2148d ago

Too bad they make awesome IP's and then they absolutely ruin the sequels to them. I hate you EA.

LAWSON722148d ago

Cough, cough mass effect

Ben_Grimm2148d ago

I have to agree, even though I think ME2 is the best of the series I was a little let down with ME3.

DA2 had some great ideas but the execution was terrible.

Loved Dead Space but I seriously hated part 2 and I don't know about this part 3. It's looking to be more of an action title than anything else.

DivineAssault 2148d ago

I never liked EA.. They ruined command & conquer series as well as mass effect.. Theyre games feel cheap to me.. Good thing dice knows how to build great shooters.. BF doesnt seem to be destroyed by EAs cheapness just yet..

Tzuno2148d ago

yeah like what? fifa 2099???

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