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Just Push Start: "While One Piece: Pirate Warriors has some great things, it manages to fail at everything important. When it comes to the story, fans will be disappointed with what’s missing and others will just be confused by what’s going on. In terms of gameplay, you can do everything in about 30 hours, making it one of the shortest Dynasty Warriors titles. No matter how you look at it, there isn’t enough content to satisfy someone who isn’t a fan and too much is missing to make a fan happy."

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SeanScythe2003d ago

As a fan I'm glad to have it and enjoy playing in spurts.

As a gamer I feel the price should have been half of what I paid. The game play gets old and boring fast.

As a fan I feel they could have done more with the story example. The Arlong Ark was so short it wasn't even funny, they had two boss fights Zoro vs Hatchi and Luffy Vs Arlong. What about sanji vs Karate guy and Ussop vs fishy lips guy?

As a gamer this game is boring after just a few mins, the attacks are nothing but square button mashing with the sudden option to do a special.

Fan Rating 7/10
Gamer Rating 4.5/10
Overall 5/10
Hope they do better next time with a more open world and less Dynasty Warriors gameplay.

admiralvic2003d ago

I think just adding some of the missing arcs would really help. At the very least, they would make the game look a lot more interesting.