Has Sony Lost Its Perspective?

GR: "This world is strange, because instead of the PR people having to pursue us journalists, we have to pursue them."

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NukaCola2117d ago

LoL, this assclown. Was given and opportunity from doing nothing to being something and he blew it. He knows nothing of Sony, the business and how it runs. Now he is back to doing nothing with no resume or experience. What a douche.

GribbleGrunger2117d ago

I just don't understand why Sony fans think this site is biased?

greenpowerz2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

It's obvious they can't afford what they're doing. New PS3 super slim, tons of worthless studios(being shut down btw), bad investments in gaming and poor performance in other Sony branches.

Sony also knows the fanatical Playstation life cult and SDF wannabees Will market and hype their products for them. People complain Sony has poor marketing but PS3 has done well with only fanboy grass roots marketing.

Tito082116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Says an obvious Xbox & Halo fanboy.

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