We know what Bungie's next games will be

PARODY: Sarcastic Gamer takes a funny look at Bungie's upcoming titles for the Xbox 360!

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LGFreedom3724d ago

LMFAO! Great read. OMG... Cortana

bohemian 233724d ago

It's something in the halo universe. Remember hal0 2 came out and it was the same thing. They denied it was another halo game and all that crap and than one day " Oh yeah we've been working on halo 3 since we released Halo 2. I bet it's either or a prequal or they have multiple projects going on. Just my opinion.

JSA-Gamer3724d ago

You didn't read the article, i guess... ah ahahahahahahhaa

bohemian 233724d ago

Yeah I read the article ya goofball. I was just commenting beyond that. Sorry to confuse that little peanut brain of yours.

Ferrite3724d ago


They have a 20 man team working on this new project since Halo3's announcement. The team is headed by Jason Jones himself and the reason he was not involved with Halo 3's development. The Podcasts are the key, Frankie leaks lil tidbits about the game since Jan 2008.

Willio3723d ago

Just because they denied it doesnt mean it guarantees a secret project to create another halo. if thats the case... halo will never end. its as consistent as saying FF7 will be revamped for the ps2 to ps3.

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cr33ping_death3724d ago

i wonder just how far MS will milk halo. HALO sports? HALO fighter? HALO ....... you name it.

kewlkat0073724d ago

with Nintendo and Mario...

"The fight wasn't really finished"

djroberts3724d ago

True. Bungie is like the Madonna of gaming. They come in later with a compilation of everyone elses ideas and get all the credit for it.

kewlkat0073724d ago

how everything related to technology(even games) have advanced.

There will always be a predecessor..

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The story is too old to be commented.