And It's Gone: Why NBA Live 13 got Cancelled

EA sports officially pulled the plug on NBA Live 13 yesterday. In a statement, which can be found here, Executive Vice President of EA sports, Andrew Wilson explains the product has not yet reached the “high quality experience” he wants for Live fans.

This echoes the statement previously made when NBA Elite 11 (Live’s short lived successor) was cancelled due to overwhelming rumors that the game wasn’t ready. This was all but confirmed when a demo was released and the infamous ‘Jesus pose’ video was posted on YouTube showing Andrew Bynum taking an unplanned religious sabbatical midway through a game.

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Highlife2120d ago

Loved the game as a kid. Still remember Tom Chambers Dunking from almost the 3 point line. Wish someone would make RUN and Gun for consoles. I loved playing that game at the arcade. Great bball game.

MikeMyers2120d ago

It was good. Trouble is 2K has done such a great job over the years that EA Sports feels threatened. The good thing is at least they can at least try and make an NBA game unlike the NFL which EA Sports made sure nobody else could compete.

ForRealz172120d ago

Why can't they do this to Madden. The game receives minor tweaks but is released as a new game.

MikeMyers2120d ago

Because they don't have to since they locked a deal with the NFL and made sure 2K couldn't compete. Consumers benefit when there is competition and they should not be allowed to offer exclusive deals like that.

SKUD2120d ago

All that time EA has had exclusive rights to make NFL game titles. Its been such a pain for those wanting something different. Theres no hope.

NYC_Gamer2120d ago

I hope the NFL doesn't sign another exclusive deal

DaReapa2120d ago


I would hope that too. But I'm afraid that what's happened with EA in the basketball arena will only make them more aggressive in pursuing long term exclusivity with the NFL.

Captain Qwark 92120d ago

i used to love me some nfl 2k!