HD Remakes: Nostalgia Going Too Far?

Steve of - "Jet Set Radio. Shadow of the Colossus. ICO. Metal Gear Solid. All of these games are unmistakably excellent titles. Most were released to spectacular reception, and remembered by many as fantastic experiences. And that is the key word here; remembered. Past tense. One of the main gripes I have with HD remakes/collections, whatever you want to name them, is that they are re-releases of games that were enjoyed years ago."

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Merrill2116d ago

I don't see how.

They don't just "re-release" them, they have updated visuals, trophies and a discounted price, how is this even remotely a bad thing?

I love the idea. If you don't, go play the original on the ps2 and shut up about it.

darthv722116d ago

I personally like that there are some compilations that are available. Like i have only the first Ratchet for PS2 and the Future games for PS3.

To be able to get the Ratchet collection in one nice offering with upgraded visuals and trophy support all for less than the price i paid for a single copy. It's a great deal.

Or even when MS did the Halo anniversary edition was a nice version to get. It makes playing these older games with a more current look so much more enjoyable.

Now i can see if all of a sudden that is all we started getting. Nothing BUT remakes. That would be an overload of retro entertainment.

Merrill2116d ago

Now I will say that when they're done incorrectly and clearly just for a quick buck, i.e. Silent Hill collection, Resident Evil, etc that it's a bad idea.

But Okami looks amazing, The God of War Collection and others are just a straight up treat!

MariaHelFutura2116d ago

Remakes of amazing games in HD w/3D w/3 great games on 1 disc for less money than "normal" releases is a bad thing?

TronEOL2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Couldn't agree more.

And it's worth noting that these older games will find their way onto the PSN/XBL/eShop (or whatever Nintendo calls it) regardless of HD upgrades. So they're still trying to sell you back games you already own, just without any of the perks.

Not to mention they aren't even that expensive. It's usually $39.99 for 3-4 games and the ability to relive the games you loved to play before on your new console.

Not only that but it gives some people the first chance to play games they missed. For example, I didn't play God of War, Ratchet and Clank, or Jak and Daxter when I had my PS2 (Monster Hunter, DMC, Final Fantasy, among other jRPG's, took all my time), so my first time playing those games are the collections Sony published.

And I even played the GoW Collection right up until I got GoW3, which was amazing since I was able to experience them all in order, and with little time in between. It made me appreciate the series more.

I honestly wish there were more games being re-introduced this way, rather than just throwing up the old versions for download as PS2 classics.

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Gridloc2116d ago

Not everyone had a ps2 . These HD remakes are great for those of us that never played them.

jc485732116d ago

I only get the ones on disc. The ones for download don't really matter to me.

Eyesoftheraven2116d ago

I just wish were mastered in 1080p, not 720p.

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The story is too old to be commented.