When a Game Almost Brought Me to Tears

Aaron from NoobFeed shares how Mass Effect 3 almost made him cry. To me, the saddest moment happened offscreen, after the credits rolled. Jack was paid some lip service before the final battle, but there was no sense of closure, so it was all left up to the imagination of the player.

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SoldierX2119d ago

I gotta admit the room did get a little dusty.

Hazmat132119d ago

the only movie i cried i was on the J Edger that whole movie was an awesome and sad ride.
video game would be in Uncharted 3 (spoiler alert) when victor sulliven get shot by talbot.

Chris5582119d ago

Really lol he is a character about i don't care at all

chaos_mechanica2119d ago

Jack was my romance and I also felt a little cheated by the lack of involvement they put towards their relationship. But I still cherished what I could of it, I guess. And there was an odd sense of non-closure at the end of the game, and I was hoping that the Extended Endings would show more of your Paramour's reaction/ending to your choice.

Tdmd2119d ago

Metal Gear Solid 3 almost brought me to tears after that ending. Final Fantasy X did it as well. Can't think of any other game aside from those two.

coolman2292116d ago've got a way to fall....


VanguardOfCalamity2119d ago

" I don’t cry. No, seriously, I don’t. At all. "

I think he doth protest too much

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The story is too old to be commented.