Best of Both Worlds: Stage Mashups in PlayStation All-Stars

PlayStation Blog: Drawing upon nearly two decades of PlayStation lore, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale assembles a dream roster of legendary fighters plucked from the annals of PlayStation history. But the characters are only half the story: Developer SuperBot Entertainment has invested much blood, sweat, and tears into the game’s elaborate fighting stages, each of which fuses two classic PlayStation brands into a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

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Emilio_Estevez2189d ago

Uncharted/Bioshock level looks awesome

typikal822189d ago

Wasn't it a Uncharted / Warhawk level before?

Ron_Danger2189d ago

It was, but that was mainly just used as a pitch for Sony to get the ball rolling on development

NukaCola2189d ago

The more I see vids on this game, the more excited I get. I can't wait!

Sizzon2189d ago

announce a new character please

Neo-Axl2189d ago

Seriously looking forward to this game,
Getting a copy for myself & my lil brother, I know for sure we're both gonna fight like hell for many weekends to come.

Anybody who got into the beta, Did you enjoy it so far?

Ron_Danger2189d ago

It's a lot of fun and it's not just a button masher. The cross-play beta is also a breath of fresh air because it runs flawlessly. The vita version looks and plays identical to the ps3 version!

cpayne932189d ago

Do you or anyone else feel that kratos is over powered? He has that move where he latches onto someone then pulls himself in and sends them flying, it seems really hard to dodge and that it does a good bit of damage. Just what I noticed from a demo at walmart, seems like it would be a really easy move to spam.

Ron_Danger2189d ago

I find Sly to be the cheapest. In the original beta, it seemed that everyone ended up using him (myself included) after trying the other characters. They took him out of the cross-play beta, and since doing that, it seems like Kratos is the new favorite. I always choose PaRapper though cause I like speed over power

Neo-Axl2189d ago

My little brothers both have a Vita, So either way this game will be played constantly!

Truly appreciate the info man, Looking forward too it even more now!

Thanks bro!

Ron_Danger2189d ago

Also, don't forget buying the ps3 version gets you the vita version free

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Blastoise2189d ago

I like the Loco roco one

typikal822189d ago

Hope they use the original Loco Roco music and lyrics, lol