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Top Three Reason Wii-U Will Suck-Yo

By SoldierX

The Wii U hype machine is in full swing and before you go and spend all of your gold coins on the new system find out why I think it might be a better idea to go and do your gaming at another castle. Here are my top three reasons why the Wii-U will suck-yo.

Is it a portable or is it a console? Should you play on the TV or play on the tablet? What has Nintendo really been telling us from day one? That they don’t know what the Wii-U will become once it’s in the consumer living room. Bad strategy Big N, this double marketing plot is only confusing all those non-savvy goombas in their gigantic market. Soccer Mom is not going to know wether she’s buying a Super Mario iPad or a Wii 2 for the kids and when she talks to the gamer wearing a Best Buy or GameStop t-shirt they’re probably gonna tell her to pick up an Xbox 360 it’s cheaper, has more games and comes with Kinect. Mom’s love Kinect. (Nintendo, Wii U)

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Xbot360  +   1153d ago
I think wii-u will sell like hot cakes initially but won't be constantly sold out like the Wii was.
-GametimeUK-  +   1153d ago
I don't think the Wii-U will enjoy the same success as the Wii, but I could be wrong.

I predict that all the casuals who enjoy the Wii will not feel the need to upgrade to a new system. Will just dance be any different on the Wii-U to justify the new console? People already have the Wii-fit board etc. The casual players are clearly not graphic whores and the capabilities of the Wii-U are not going to make much of a difference to them since they seem to enjoy the really casual and simplistic art style of the Wii games.

I really just don't see why there is a need to upgrade for them. The new feature is basically catering to the tablet trend, but will it be enough when people could potentially just opt to buy a tablet instead?

Time will tell, but I am simply looking forward to the Nintendo first party software. Can't wait to pick one up. I doubt I will be an early adopter, though.
darthv72  +   1153d ago
"I don't think the Wii-U will enjoy the same success as the Wii"
that really depends on their marketing. Looking back at the wii, it mostly sold via word of mouth and user experience.

Nintendo knows this product is much better than a wii. so how do they tell the existing customers that? It is a long shot that they would even offer some type of trade in program. Keep the games and accessories and just trade in the base unit for $50 off the price of a wii-u.

Or perhaps they can advertise that the wii-u plays all the wii games and accessories..BUT WAIT...there's more! Honestly i dont know what they have in mind. I mean the only ones that really know anything are the ones that really follow gaming trends.

The old folks homes and soccer mom's arent inclined to be on n4g or kotaku every day. No doubt the wii-u is a huge step up from their previous efforts.

Nintendo...(in case you are reading this) you dont need to preach to the choir. You need to preach to everyone else.
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ChickeyCantor  +   1153d ago
"I predict that all the casuals who enjoy the Wii will not feel the need to upgrade to a new system"

Why? Apple seem to hook people like that.
In the latest brochures here in the Netherlands it's promoted as an "HD Nintendo console".

"I really just don't see why there is a need to upgrade for them. "

I don't get why they are so stoked for the iPad and iPhone honestly but look at that sh/t go.
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N6  +   1153d ago
The Wii was opposite in that it picked up momentum, but Wii U will start off hot. It'll be interesting, something that starts on fire has higher expectations, which may lead to disappointment. There's a chance Wii U can flop.

However, based on what we know, this is the "safest" console released by Nintendo since SNES, its pretty much guaranteed to be a hit. Not necessarily the best or most selling, but Nintendo + HD + new innovation for home consoles + BC, should get it to at least 65-70 mil LTD, which is very good. Wii U has a chance to even outsell original NES.
NiteX  +   1152d ago
Lets hope it can at least out sell the NES wow. Would be truly sad if it couldn't.
Anon1974  +   1153d ago
I'm so sick of seeing these half assed "doom" articles. If you're afraid to attach your real name to an article, perhaps you should rethink your article. I have no doubt the Wii-U will be just find this holiday season. Did anyone even read this article before it was approved?

"Is it a potable or a console?" - Don't be an idiot.

Then he moans about the lack of the Wii-mote, which is still supported and claims " Sure the Wii-Mote turned into a flying vibrator at times."
- Don't be an idiot.

And finally "It’s last gen tech." - Don't be an idiot.

The guy uses "retarded" not once, not twice but three times in this article. The only thing I see here matching that description would be this author and the douchebags that approved this flamebait nonsense.

Edit: Don't forget to down-vote these sites right under the "Read Full Story" link. If we can't stop idiots from approving this tripe, at least we can have the quality filter take some of these sites out.
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AmayaAi  +   1153d ago
Will suck or not, Nintendo knows how to sell their stuff. Specially new products!
Septic  +   1153d ago
I remain optimistic about the Wii U- it could be a brilliant machine. If anyone can tap into the potential the hardware affords, its Nintendo and they won't go about doing it in an obvious way either.

Off-topic- send me the pic in your avatar!
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claud3  +   1153d ago
One thing this article sucks.

The Wii U will sell well and its up to the gamers judgement for how the console pans out for them
guitarded77  +   1153d ago
No joke... I knew it was a suckfest from the title, but I decided to read it anyway before I criticized. I should have just went with intuition and knew that it sucked without reading it. Lame excuses with no substance to back up their claims. Just a hater hating.
Moonman  +   1153d ago
The console isn't confusing anyone. It's backwards compatible with wii software and controllers. Need I say more? Get ready for tears.
Grenade  +   1153d ago
There's no need to cry over it.
Do you want a hug?
Neonridr  +   1153d ago
This article is written by an idiot. He actually believes that the Wii U is less powerful than the 360 and significantly less powerful than the PS3. First off, the 360 and PS3 are basically on even ground, all the comparisons between games are usually almost identical. Secondly, we know for a fact that the Wii U GPU is significantly more powerful than either of the two current gen systems. The CPU is in question right now, but even with a lower clocked CPU, the fact that it is newer in design means the architecture will be more streamlined. We are already seeing proof of this with launch games at 1080p. All this while extra information is being streamed to the gamepad on top of that. This article is completely a fanboy's view and one that should be taken with a grain of salt.
SoldierX   1153d ago | Personal attack | show
telekineticmantis  +   1153d ago
Thid party can help the WiiU
the Vita is definitely Underwhelming right now. Seems like buyers remorse is in the waiting fir both of these.
MadMen  +   1153d ago
The WiiU will fail, in comparison to the Wii it wont come close to the success, Nintendo is lost.
ninjabake  +   1153d ago
by that logic the PS3 was a failure compared to the PS2 & the vita is a failure compared to the PSP and Sony was lost. And we all know that isn't the case.

Lets be fair here. This isn't a sport where the team determines success on its own, Its all up to the consumers.
DivineAssault  +   1153d ago
failure?! It hasnt even began yet with vita & PS3 being in last place doesnt mean it failed.. Its quite successful being that theres over 60 million of em out there.. remember how much gamecube & N64 sold? Vita is just now starting to get its games flowing in & isnt even a yr old yet to call it a failure.. Have u seen whats coming out on it? Vita isnt some cheap play thing a parent can buy for their children to destroy so more of the core handheld gamers would chose a system like that & lets face it, 99% of the gaming market is ruled by shooter players & casuals..

Wii U isnt going to fail by any means.. I think when they get their games coming in, its going to sell well being that many ppl from all ages are being more & more comfortable with tablets & itl seem easy to pick up n play.. Like the vita now & the 3DS early on, it will sell good during launch & will slow down until the software comes.. Its up to nintendo on what happens with wii u.. They bring out good games & lay off on the casual titles, itl be a great console
MadMen  +   1153d ago
Why is PS3 or Xbox or Vita even relevant to this convo? Lets stick to Wii vs WiiU which is my comment.

I agree, the PS3 was a failure compared to the PS2, I even hit agree on your comment.

The numbers are clear on that one.
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   1153d ago
@ MadMen

Why are you saying the Wii U is lost? Those are the same comments made just before the Wii was released. It was all doom and gloom and then Nintendo surprised everyone and destroyed the 360 and PS3 in sales.

NOW the Wii U hasn't even been out yet and you are calling Doom and Gloom for Nintendo and the Wii U?

What are you basing your opinion off of? If anything, this gen and especially Nintendo has shown us that you can't predict the market.
1upgamer99  +   1153d ago
Well it may not be as successful as Wii, but that remains to be seen. Even if it sells 30 million less than Wii it will be at the level of sales 360 is now, and that came out a full year before the Wii.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   1153d ago
You're at best uninformed. The Wii U preorders are selling out quick. Demand is obviously there.
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ozzywazzy  +   1153d ago
The limited quantity preorders are selling out. It's an obvious marketing ploy manipulating people into thinking the need and demand for the Wii U is extremely high.
1upgamer99  +   1153d ago
Pre-orders are all sold that I have seen and I looked everywhere.
ForROME  +   1153d ago
Agree, its obvious the WiiU with its "limited quantity" sold out is all marketing

Do I think they will sell a lot of WiiUs of course, at first but like all things then the hype will die down

Lets face it the WiiU is no Wii
linkratos  +   1153d ago
First of all neither you or I know exactly how well the console will sell. It could very well sell as well as the Wii if it actually consistently sells throughout its life and doesn't drop off a cliff at the end.

Secondly I don't see how not matching up to one of the greatest selling consoles makes it a failure? I'm sure the Wii U will make money and provide games. The PS3 certainly provided games (not sure about the money part).
Rockoman16  +   1153d ago
And you need medical help, that brain is not functioning properly
a_adji  +   1153d ago
Wii U suck-Yo lol that title alone states that this was written by an idiot lol.

Good luck to you all but remember it's about making money as it's a business first and foremost so forget number comparisons and think cha ching
Moonman  +   1153d ago
Ha, I didn't want to say that but of course anyone who reads the title and article thinks the exact same. He could only come up with three rather silly (plain stupid) reasons..lol. I can come up with 10 concrete reasons easily on why it will succeed.
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beerkeg  +   1153d ago
It's one of the worst article titles (and articles) I've seen on n4g. And n4g has a lot of (terrible) articles with terrible headlines.
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browngamer41  +   1153d ago
I agree! I even put in a report as "lame" and the submitter SoldierX sent me a PM calling me a noob and he says quote "you're lame Noob" end quote..compelling stuff..
SoldierX  +   1153d ago
It worked, you read it so now you're an idiot by association.
1upgamer99  +   1153d ago
OMG, really? this is the worst article ever...Best Buy employee's are not going to tell mom to get a 360 because it has "more games" what they will ask is if they own a Wii-and allot of people do. The Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii. So if "Mom" has Wii Fit its going to work with Wii U, and so are the Wiimotes, and all of the Wii Games. Also this guy says the Wii U is less powerful than the 360? Really has he been reading anything about Wii U the past few weeks? I am not even going to go on and on and post links. The Xbox360 has less power than the PS3 and the Wii U has more power than the PS3, that is why (For now) the ports on Wii U are full 1080p something that is not the case on the other systems. http://www.nintendolife.com...
Theyellowflash30  +   1153d ago
The Wii U will not suck because unlike this author I have played the Wii U in Los Angeles and it is actually quite good. His reasons are really bad. He probably doesn't even believe his own writing. The title says it all. Did Killer Bee from Naruto write that title?
AJBACK2FRAG  +   1153d ago
I really envy you man. I'd love to get my sweaty little palms on one!
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Ck1x  +   1153d ago
Always love a Naruto reference and your avatar is killer!
Salamander  +   1153d ago
You dare slight Bee this way, ya fool, ya fool.
Theyellowflash30  +   1153d ago
SovereignSnaKe  +   1153d ago
-By simply putting 'Yo' in your Title, and your name being 'Soldier X' means your article is not even going to be read. Quite sad actually, fact is, You Suck!
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claud3  +   1153d ago
No Need For This Article
Why would anyone waste time actually writing a article on something so stupid. The console will not suck for many and suck for others. Just like every console that has come before it. There is never a 100% console likeness by everyone. Everyone hates a console or handheld and that is a given. No need for an article to try and point this out, the article has failed since people either like or dislike a console all by themselves
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Wolfbiker  +   1153d ago
I can't believe we live in a world where idiots like this can "publish" their ignorant opinions to the world.
Neonridr  +   1153d ago
I just hope he didn't get paid to publish that rubbish.
tiffac008  +   1153d ago
Sadly, every hit these doom and gloom article makes, gives them money.

That's why you see them prevalent before a console launch and during the times a console gets through a rough period.
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herbs  +   1153d ago
Sounds like some PS3 fanboy meth junkie wrote this in the parents basement.
Ben_Grimm   1153d ago | Trolling | show
J0Scorpionake  +   1153d ago
I think it's hard to predict if Wii U is going to sell more than its predecessor Wii, but in my opinion the console have exclusive titles enough to make me want to buy it.
mshope10  +   1153d ago
this sounded like it was written from somebody who always post on this site.

it had so much wrong it was funny!and making crazy false points about Nintendo is what haters do and always done that's why no one takes yinz serious and buys Nintendo's consoles anyway!

cause with a little research people find out what yinz haters say is false and it make yinz look like liar punks crybabies.so please keep on hating on Nintendo cause it worked so well with wii and 3ds maybe it will work with wii-u lol!keep on crying babies!
Neonridr  +   1153d ago
Even as a Nintendo faithful, I highly doubt we are going to see the sales we saw with the Wii repeat itself with the Wii U. Obviously Nintendo was able to capitalize on a very casual market to go along with their usual die hard fans. The Wii U isn't a scary console to look at when you compare it to the Kinect or PS3, and the main controller resembles an ipad to many, something that a lot of older people are familiar with using. So you may still be surprised at how many purchase the new system, especially since everything from the Wii can be carried over. Now while I don't expect 95 million consoles will be sold, I still believe that the system will be a great success and provided developers utilize the new gamepad feature, we could see some really interesting games get released for the system.
mrbojingles  +   1153d ago
Says it's a "retarded ipad"?

Really? "retarded" is the best word they came up with? I stopped reading there.
3-4-5  +   1153d ago
Don't give him hits..
jacen100  +   1153d ago
I only had to read the title that was enough, i just came in to say

YoungPlex  +   1153d ago
Worst article ever! Nothing but false information pertaining to power and functionality. I literally feel like I lost some intelligence after reading this. Don't even bother reading this nonsense, I wish I hadn't...
redonix76  +   1153d ago
LOL was this article written by a 12 year old boy? Anyway, I have no doubts that the Wii U will sell well, but 3rd party support will be key in continuing it's success. Hopefully we don't get hit with too many shovel-wares...Also I'll be attending the Wii U event tomorrow in San Francisco. I'll see if I can get as much info, photos and videos as I can.
SoldierX   1153d ago | Personal attack | show
redonix76  +   1153d ago
LOL was this article written by a 12 year old boy? Anyway, I have no doubts that the Wii U will sell well, but 3rd party support will be key in continuing it's success. Hopefully we don't get hit with too many shovel-wares.

Also I'll be attending the Wii U event tomorrow in San Francisco. I'll see if I can get as much info, photos and videos as I can.
stragomccloud  +   1153d ago
This was a really funny read. I think the author must be 10.
AO1JMM  +   1153d ago
You lost me at : "Wii-U Will Suck-Yo"
Kohnyman  +   1153d ago
This "article" was written by a troll. I knew from the title that it would be crap, well shame on me for even giving it a read. Troll-1, Kohnyman-0.
DarrenMG  +   1152d ago
I'm not particularly sure what the three points the writer was attempting to convey. Regardless of the title I'm open to different points of view and decided to read the article. It became painfully apparent the author had not performed any research prior to writing this article and it shows in the misinformation provided. I'm all for profanity in editorial posts as long as its used in proper context, making comparisions to sex toys and claiming the GamePad is a 'retarded' iPad is not only unacceptable from a professional standpoint but also speaks volumes for the maturity level of the author. I'm ashamed our industry all too often has to encounter this type of dribble on a daily basis.

If your goal was to drive traffic it was clearly successful, but numerous down votes of the article and the site will damage your reputation in the future.
Newsman  +   1152d ago
Yo- only live once so op please end life now.
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