New Grand Theft Auto IV Videos

You can check out some new videos available on the official website without having to go through all of the pages. Enjoy.

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Daz3368d ago

Lol good videos, like when the bloke was pissed lol

renegade3368d ago

loved the bellic video when his is drunk lol

vloeistof3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

i so want this game and mgs4 and ff xiii....
going to be a good gaming year

whiz ftw !!!!!

omg reageton in the last clip lol

Alcohog3368d ago

lol You forgot to start your post with lol

nirun3368d ago

daaamn, look at that close up of niko's face... the emotions on the characters faces seem pretty on point

bluhefner3368d ago

LMAO at the Whiz wireless vid. Gotta love the Rockstar humor.

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The story is too old to be commented.