5 Reasons Why Skyrim Is Better Than Grand Theft Auto

WC - Off the back of a handful of screenshots and one single trailer, and before a bullet has been fired in anger, GTA V has already in some quarters of the gaming world been heralded as the greatest game ever, and with the unprecedented levels of hype surrounding the upcoming title in Rockstar’s latest sandbox series, few could argue otherwise.

However, in this writer’s humble opinion, I believe there is already a game on the market that it is better than any GTA game released to date, and that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here, I explain my reasoning.

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claud32118d ago

1. Reason its not better, its set In the past and its turned into a Sims type game. Were GTA is not

cpayne932117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

What does the time setting have to do with it being good or bad? Besides, it isn't exactly a historical game, its fantasy so it really isn't set at any time. Besides, if you were to compare the settings, would realistic really be better than fantasy? Realistic settings in games are starting to really get boring.

And how is it a Sims type game? The slogan is live another life in another world, but it still feels nothing like the sims at all, its not even comparable. Even if it was, that still doesn't make it better or worse.

But besides all that, they shouldn't even be compared. The only likeness is the open world part, they're completely different other than that.

lastdual2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Ah yes, the past.

I think we can all recall that age when we had to deal with dragons and restless undead warriors and rely on some dude with magical shouting powers.

T'was an important part of our history.

Knight_Crawler2117d ago

Haters gonna hateeeee.

GTA use to be awesome, GTA 4 was SIMS rip off disguised as GTA.

Niko lets go bowling, Niko lets get a hot dog, Niko drop me to the movies, Niko set up a date on the internet, Niko go chnage me car color.....

Hellsvacancy2118d ago

The hand to hand combat is the same......crap in other words

I really hope it isnt the same in GTAV

And ive "literally" just been sick on floor

Despair6662118d ago

Skyrim is a rpg while gta is not...duh

NastyLeftHook02117d ago

this article is putrid vomit, filth in the most hanus of ways.

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The story is too old to be commented.