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FIFA 13 vs Pro Evo 2013: Which Football Game Should You Get?

Kotaku - There are two great football games on the market this week. Most fans will only buy one. It's a tough call.

Alone amongst major sporting series, the battle between FIFA and Pro Evo is actually a pretty fair fight. Both games present compelling arguments as to which is the better football game, depending on who you are and what you're looking to get out of your game. (FIFA 13, PC, PES 2013, PS3, Xbox 360)

nix  +   968d ago
Fil101  +   968d ago
pes lol I used 2 say that but this gen pes is still stuck in last gen, it's crap konami need to pull there finger out fifa is miles ahead in what it has to offer compared to pes.
Awesome_Gamer  +   967d ago
PES died in 2009...
hennessey86  +   968d ago
its PES all the way but I am very tempted by Fifa this year, its getting better all the time
realiks  +   968d ago
FIFA was always better.
asmith2306  +   968d ago
Depends on how you define "better". More innovative yes, better I am not so sure. The menus in FIFA this year are slick compared to previous FIFAs but the Tactical Defending still puts me off. I'll never get used to that. I have been playing football games since ISS on the SNES, I just thought there was some fundementals to how football games should control forever! Its a game breaker for me anyway.

I am back to PES this year for the first time in many years and I have to say I am loving it. You never score the same goal twice unlike FIFA. If you play FIFA online you would know that 80% of the goals are pass across the box and shoot into an empty net. I got the new option file for PES last night so all kits are official now too :) One thing about PES 13 though, how do you invite friends to an online game? Anyone know?? I can't find it in the menus!
Nate-Dog  +   968d ago
If Online Match Lobbies are open now then go in there, create a room and then you can invite from Options (I think), but I know that Konami haven't even put the whole online section into the game yet and have planned on patching that in. Stuff like that put me off getting the title, I might prefer the gameplay but I'm not buying a game that was rushed out unfinished which is being sold at full price, get lost Konami.
cozeh  +   968d ago
PES this year has come back and over taken FIFA I believe. It's really damn good. People won't give it the credit it deserves.
realiks  +   968d ago
Not according to this:
akaakaaka  +   968d ago
The king is back !
Not a hard choise like some make it be...
Masta Kaos  +   968d ago
PES all the way......FIFA doesn't do it for me...never did n never will.
cyberninja  +   968d ago
After playing both demos, i decided to go with pes.
Baka-akaB  +   968d ago
PEs , i went also for fifa this year because for once i found it fun to play , and PES 3 while having superior imo gameplay , fudged it in the modes departement this year ... but PEs still better imo , even more so with an excellent version this year (lack of modes and weird league master mode aside)
KiLLeRCLaM  +   968d ago
I feel like Fifa is still on top this year but PES have added some great features that I love like the player ID, Enhanced Goalkeeper and Knuckleball freekicks)and are creeping up on FIFA. Who knows maybe PES takes it next year.. oh btw FIFA 13 on the PC just looks so much better then ps3 and xbox360.. no choppy shit
jd666  +   968d ago
Fifa started improving when it began copying Pes' gameplay but the shooting always feels off to me

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