Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition Now Available

Gran Turismo is one of the biggest names in videogame racing, renowned for its unique level of realism and stunning graphics. Every version has set the benchmark for other driving simulators to follow, and now Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition is promising to raise the bar even further.

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WilliamH2153d ago

It's great that the massive updates are pre installed on the disc. I'm a GT5 virgin so it was nice to get the dlc too. I think i will start those bastard licence tests and get them out of the way!

wishingW3L2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

is this the same as GT5 XL Edition? There are so many versions now that I'm totally confused!

WilliamH2153d ago

The XL version is for the US. This academy edition was released in Europe today, it comes with some cars & 2 tracks as dlc.

TheKayle2153d ago

........more boring than gt5

WilliamH2153d ago

It can be a pain when you first start playing the game such as completing the license test and being stuck in slow cars for what seems like forever. But if you stick with it, it's the most rewarding driving game out there. It's not a game you complete in a weekend or a few weeks, it can take months to beat this.