Want a job at Valve? Don't have a CV? Don't worry

Chet Faliszek of Valve Software has been offering advice to those looking to break into the games industry – and revealed that Valve don’t tend to even look at CVs.

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nchizimbi2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

If you demonstrate your skill(s) in a particular area, you can break through in the games industry.

paddystan2093d ago

Yep, can cofirm that. A friend of mine did it.

You can actually also "give yourself a job". Just leard coding, modelling etc. then download CryENGINE, Unity or UDk. :)

Everything you need is on the Internet.

DoomeDx2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

What? some people here dont have a CV?

Shadonic2093d ago

exactly what my animation teacher told me weeks ago. Which is why I've been practicing my Modeling and animation and experimenting.

nchizimbi2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

I wish you well. I too am learning 3D Modeling and Animation in Blender (self-learning)... I'm quite enjoying it though there's quite a learning curve. I've always had interest in 3D Art and Animation... who knows where this may lead me to(LOL)

DragonKnight2093d ago

There was a guy who made a level on LittleBigPlanet 2 that was so good that Media Molecule hired him. So it doesn't always take college degrees or a lot of experience.

Shadonic2093d ago

@nchizimbi Thankyou i hope that we both become successful. I'm using 3Ds max didnt really like blender that much guess its kind of a once you go 3Ds max you never go back thing for me there is a learning curve especially with the way its set up.