Strange PS3 Super Slim Advertisement

DualShock Nexus: Sony has always had some creative and interesting advertisements, but this latest one may catch you off guard.

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iamnsuperman1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I agree WTF. Then again I think these type of weird and unusal adverts are popular over there

Very strange

HarryMasonHerpderp1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

weird lol
Also kind of cool.
but mostly weird and creepy.

Hang on does the little kid say something about Biohazard? maybe that's the reason there's a zombie in it =/

blumatt1674d ago

Biohazard = Resident Evil 6. It's a quick advert relying on RE 6 as a selling point.

darthv721674d ago

they're so hot right now.

crxss1674d ago

LOL that was actually awesome. very unexpected and will get people talking, nice one whoever made this ad.

SolidStoner1674d ago

how about this one! :D

what it means to Japanese people? Slap in a face? Pie in a face if you buy it? :D

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morkendo231674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

hold on, maybe the zombie was showing where the disc tray is at since the tray slided open out come ZOMBIE hands?????????

lilbrat231674d ago

LMAO, I think its cool they are using resident evil(only game I could think of with zombies other than walking dead) as part of the advertisement..

dale_denton1674d ago

the japanese love their horror.. but yeah, it's for re6

zerocrossing1674d ago

Well, it's only strange if you don't know Japanese.

It's just a PS3 slim add that's also promoting Biohazard 6 aka Resident evil 6, I can kinda see ypurs and other peoples confusion but, the childs voice does say "Biohazard 6" most people must know that's the original Japanese Title before it got altered to "Resident evil" for us westerners right?.

Trust the Internet to blow things way out of proportion.

t0mmyb0y1674d ago

Why does everything Japan do have to be so weird?

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Fujitsu1675d ago

How is this supposed to sell systems?

Treezy5041675d ago

Well look at it like this. Sony is subliminally telling you the consumer that a zombie apocalypse can only be contained by purchasing a new PlayStation 3 Super Slim. You alone will control the hatch that keeps the zombies at bay while at the same time enjoying high definition console gaming :D

lilbrat231674d ago

Thank you someone who gets it as

SilentNegotiator1674d ago

It tells about the features.

Frankly, it's good form to do something to get people talking, and that one part does that....look at us. We're talking about it. And it's in the hottest stories section.

justpassinggas1674d ago

If you knew Japanese or even knew what RE is called in Japan (Biohazard), you'd realize that this is actually quite a clever ad. It is advertising PS3 and RE6 together.

claud31675d ago

This is ?????????????????? All over it and then some

Only in japan

Muffins12231674d ago


claud31674d ago

I did reply to the article, or are you taking to you

Bimkoblerutso1675d ago

Sony better include a free pair of pants with every system they sell if they're going that route.

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