Earning Achievements now unlocks discounts on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Microsoft has launched a new Xbox LIVE Rewards scheme entitling players who have passed certain Gamerscore milestones to additional discounts on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

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claud32061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Talk about late with the idea, we all wanted a use for them dumb achievements. But I still hate them and will not get them for discounts on Xbox live, since I never buy anything from it and never will. GAME OF THE YEAR EDITIONS I wait for and those are the ones I like and would never buy of Xbox live. I am not even connected to live what so ever and never will. I will not pay £16 or £25 or even £40 for a gold member ship since i think because its a total waste of money and it sucks as a service big time. Never will i be connected with this new scheme and I am glad I never get sucked into its lies

HarryMasonHerpderp2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

It's better than nothing but I would of thought Microsoft would try and compete with Playstation Plus a bit more.
Competition is great for the gamers and Xbox Live users would only benefit from Microsoft rising up to Sonys challenge.
Sadly this doesn't seem like the case.

chuckyj12061d ago

umm...MS makes Billions off of xbox live...While Sony is yet to turn a profit off of Playstation Online service....

Who needs to compete with who? I think you have that mixed around.

HarryMasonHerpderp2061d ago

I think you're confused with company profit and what really matters to us as gamers. I'm talking about what's best for the consumer.
Not Microsofts billions.

ABizzel12061d ago

WTF is 2% off going to do. $1.20 off of a $60?

It's great that they're using their system based off achievements because it rewards gamers who game the most, but come on 2% at least 5% - 10%.

chuckyj12061d ago

If a service doesn't make money and bleeds a company out...See how long that service is offered.

If a service is not profitable for a company it will eventually be shut down.

HarryMasonHerpderp2061d ago

Let Microsoft and Sony's accountants worry about their profit margins.

DragonKnight2061d ago

chuckyj1: PSN+ doesn't make Sony money? Home transactions doesn't make Sony money? See, unlike MS, Sony do not believe you should have to pay your ISP for internet access and then Sony themselves to access the online content of a game you paid $60 for already. They make money in such a way that isn't a huge rip off to consumers.

AIndoria2061d ago


PlayStation Network is free, unless you're living in a cave?

darthv722061d ago

You do know you dont have to be a gold member to get achievements and make purchases on xblive...right?

Silver members may not be able to play online and access things like netflix and facebook but they can still earn achievements and buy stuff through the marketplace.

Irishguy952061d ago

HarryMason, you should care who earns profits, for all you know Sony could end up out of business with the way they have been playing the game up until now

nukeitall2060d ago

I find it funny that MS gives gamers something, and people complain. I guess they could give you nothing and you would have nothing to complain about.

Then again, it seems the usual fanboys are the ones complaining.

EVILDEAD3602060d ago

Loved achievements anyway..

I'll take a free discount for earning like I wouldve anyway.

One of the most persistant requests about Xbox Live achievements was that they should mean more and be put towards something financially.'s here and there are still complaints?



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ALLWRONG2061d ago

"Talk about late with the idea" Who else is doing this?

SPAM-FRITTER-1232061d ago

Steam do it over the holidays.

complete a task in a selected game and earn discount on games.

Ron_Danger2061d ago

PS+ also offers 10% discounts on day 1 download games. I already preordered Doom 3 BFG Edition

TheLeapist2061d ago

I think he's referring to the fact that we're nearing the end of the 360's life cycle.

darthv722061d ago

This really isnt about the 360 if you think about it. While the discounts may apply to related content for 360 games, the Live service is exactly that. A service.

So just as it went from the original xbox to the 360, it will likely transcend to the next xbox as well as windows8 and WP7 & 8.

Achievements will be available in many different titles on various MS products. Marketplace content will be available for the different MS platforms as well. Not just the 360 anymore.

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Tzuno2061d ago Show
DOMination-2061d ago ShowReplies(2)
Trenta272061d ago

" Birthday Gift (approximate retail value ("ARV"): $0.25 USD)"


vitorizzo2061d ago

meanwhile on ps+ they are giving away games new and old for free

darthv722061d ago

meanwhile, on ps+, they are giving away games (new and old) for free for the duration of your membership.

All fixed. Punctuation and context.

Ron_Danger2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Hey darthv

Before you pat yourself too much on the back with that comment, remember a similar thing could be said about Live: once your subscription runs out, you can't play the online portion of all your games anymore

darthv722061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

I was simply correcting a common context error many seem to make.

The punctuation part...just needed to be done.

Oh and to add to yours: "once your subscription runs out, you can't play the online portion of all your games or any other gold related features."

You know, because some people use a gold membership for more than competitive play. You get an agree from me.

Ron_Danger2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )


And an agree from me

ALLWRONG2060d ago

"meanwhile on ps+ they are giving away games new and old for free"

Stop paying for PSN+ and see if Sony lets you keep those games.

That's what I thought. NEXT!

lodossrage2058d ago

Stop paying for Xbox Live and see if you can still play your games online or use ANY of the services you ALREADY pay for if you use them in the first place.

That's what I thought. NEXT!!!!

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FamilyGuy2061d ago

It's crazy. when Live first launched with its "point system" for making payments I always was thinking "hey, they should make achievement points translate to money or discounts". Now, years later, they finally do it... kinda.

Better than nothing indeed.

omi25p2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Well you are clearly completely against Microsoft no matter what they do.

Achievements arent dumb, they have added literally days more playing time to the shortest game for me and the people who love unlocking them.

Xbox live is well worth the money for one reason alone. Party chat, I dont pay a home phone bill because of it.

Instead of paying a randomly generated number to talk to sales reps i pay a fixed amount of money to talk to friends and family while fighting dragons in Skyrim or beating those same friends and family in any number of competitive multiplayer games.

Anything else that comes with a Gold membership is an added bonus for me.

I have nearly 100.000 gamescore so just for enjoying playing lots of games and earning achievements in them i get 2% knocked off of what is basically my phone bill.

(Im usually spend hours a day just in party chat. It would cost a ton to do that with a phone)

slimpickens2060d ago

Now I agree Live is nice to have and don't mind paying but your comment has confused me. Why would you not buy a home phone just because of party chat? Sure it's a great feature but if you're serious about it I'm just a little confused.

born2live2060d ago


"I am not even connected to live what so ever and never will. I will not pay £16 or £25 or even £40 for a gold member ship since i think because its a total waste of money and it sucks as a service big time."

Nice trolling, but how would you know if the service sucks when you've never been connected to it (in your own words)?

Zachmo1822060d ago

Thank you, Microsoft for saving me a whole $1.20 OFF a 60 game. With those savings I can now afford a Double Cheeseburger from McDonald's.

Aghashie2060d ago


U make me laugh. Bubbles for you :)

videoxgamexfanboy2060d ago

It's unbelievable that you managed to get 28 agree's for such a ridiculous rant....Then again this is n4g sooooooo...

Gamer19822060d ago

Still stupid this idea as its so easy to exploit achievements. I remember when they first started that guy who had 100k in a few months he had the EU,US and Jap version all 1000GS in several games. All it takes is a save game editor and a few other things so I read. This is not possible on ps3 as achievements are not done in the same way, so you cannot just load up a save and get achievements at least for most games. Some games its still possible.

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iamnsuperman2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

What is the special gift considering its value is only 15p?????

I am not so knowledgable about the live gamer score thing but how hard is it to get to this level

ShadowKingx2061d ago

Probably a party hat or a present as a avatar item.

FragMnTagM2061d ago

every retail game is 1,000 gamer score. Some have more with additional DLC.

So about 25 games maxed out.

Arcade games are like 200, but I think they raised it.

TekoIie2061d ago

Some games go to 400 now but to my knowledge thats only minecraft.

Septic2061d ago

1% rebate on all purchases


Can't be arsed with that...

jambola2061d ago

i always thought microsoft were cheap
now it's confirmed
seriously 2%..... really?

AzaziL2060d ago

$1.20 off a year of live with 25k gamerscore

whoop dee doo..... -__-

-MD-2061d ago

A 2% rebate? Really? How about something I'll actually notice.

brish2061d ago

Don't think of it as 2% off. Think of it as for every $3,000 dollars you spend you get a free game!


JAM_brz2061d ago


Just thinking so to not being so disappointed

Bimkoblerutso2061d ago

One of the article comments had it right. If they really wanted to give us a reward without really giving us anything, they would let us pay without going through their insulting points system.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2061d ago

I see them not attaching a monetary value to so it tricks the brain into thinking you are getting more /spending less than you actually are. (Not trolling) Kind of like in a casino, sit down at a slot machine or anything electronic and you can go through a bunch of money looking at credits rather than actual money. It's a sub conscious thing.

You ever sit down at a quarter machine at a carnival where you push coins/prizes off a ledge. I will spend 10 dollars on those easily to knock a shot glass filled with quarters worth about 3 dollars. You start with a dollar and use the winnings then add just a little bit more over and over. You end up spending more in the long run because you are not handing over dollars you are using credits.

WiiLovePS3602060d ago

LOOK_AT_THIS_I is right, but the main reason was so they had a universal price for content.

They release a game or piece of content and simply have 1 price attached to it, say 400MS. Sony have to release a game and then say "ok it will be US$5, but 3.5£, 6 Deutschmark, etc". Then you get people from different regions complaining saying "it's cheaper in region x than it is here".

Microsoft have one price for all, it's just the conversion rate of $ to MS points that changes.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2060d ago

That actually makes a lot of sense. Points are points regardless of where you are. Not sure the rate of exchange but I know Aussies were always bitching about how expensive a lot of content is there. You may spend more for the card but its advertised at the same rate