XCOM UK Playthrough 2K have just released a new interactive trailer for XCOM which shows XCOM is all about strategy and the choices you make. Coming in at just over 20 mins it shows us a good chunk gameplay and for those like myself that have been playing XCOM for the last 20yrs you will see that the re-make has kept to the routes of the orignal and the changes, although subtle, are welcome addition.

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kostchtchie_2119d ago

what mode is this? i never seen it with choice popping up before

Robochobo2119d ago

It's not a mode, it's them putting annotations in the video your supposed to click on. You could either choose to watch them play with a mixed team or an assault team, you click on that and it zooms to your preferred choice.

kostchtchie_2117d ago

ah right, my bad looked like training mission of some sort at first glance, thanks for heads up