Possible European release date revealed for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

An online retailer may have revealed the European release date for the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 role-playing game, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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Locksus1882d ago

When the game was revealed it was said to be about 30% complete so I guess it'll take more time than that.

That said, I'm not too excited about this. I liked 13 but in my opinion 13-2 is quite dull and I don't like the fact that we're only controlling Light in the game.

Godmars2901882d ago

Still, its being made from familiar assets and tools. And Square/Wada has always been talking about creating quick turnarounds in terms of production.

Locksus1882d ago

You have a point there. If the release date actually is this close I think they could've announced the release date when it was revealed. Well I don't know but we'll see.

richierich1882d ago

I wish they would just finish Versus 13 and forget about FF13 spinoffs

MrAnderson1882d ago

both games were god awful...

RmanX10001882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Way too early for only being about 30-35% done when announced a couple weeks ago. So about that Versus game that was announced back when the 10 Commandments were new....

FluffyPloo1882d ago

Its probably just a place holder, doesnt mean anything.