PS3 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will not be a 360 port

The PS3 version of hotly anticipated FPS Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will not be a port of the Xbox 360 version, its developer has said.

Speaking to in an interview, Vegas 2 designer Philippe Therien, from Ubisoft Montreal, said that the team is "working really hard right now to put them on par graphics wise" but admitted that there will be "slight differences" between the two versions, including lighting.

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BloodySinner3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

If that's not porting, then what is it then?

EDIT: Gotta' love phantom disagrees. =)

f7ss13760d ago

so are they gonna do somthin like infinity ward did with CoD4, and have 2 teams one on 360 one on ps3?

sonarus3760d ago

Well rainbow 6 was great back when i had no ps3 games to play. I enjoyed the online coop the most. I will probably get it once again for my ps3 since the ppl i will be coopin wit only have ps3's regardless of the quality of the game. It will probably end up being a rental though. but we'll see. Hardly do we see game devs coming out to say there will be differences between the two systems. That being said i expect the diff to be rather profound hopefully its not as bad as orange box. By now developers should be investing more time in mastering ps3 hardware going forward. I thought by now with assasins creed and graw under their belt they should have been able to overcome some of their ps3 issues. PS3 dev is hard no doubt but it should get easier as you work hard at it. Epic was able to master the unreal engine for ps3 i see no reason why these guys wnt step up and do the same

ban fans3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Each system has its own team working on it.

A port is creating a game on one system, then transferring the code to other systems without necessarily regarding that systems particular strengths.

I wouldn't say they are "phantom" disagrees when you are the only one who seems to have them.

jackdoe3759d ago

I believe it is simultaneous development of three separate game engines, sharing assets like textures across all three versions.

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niall773760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

the graphics are the same but the lighting is a little diffrent on both.

both versions where great

Mattearl3760d ago

Well.. at least it not a full on port... Good luck Ubi! don't f*ck it up! :)

Splitz3760d ago

Please make this the end of all 360 ports.
If you have to port, port the PS3 version.
It's been admitted thats the best way.

Qbanboi3760d ago

Ps3 not a port of the 360???

Soab, you just got my money Ubisoft.

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The story is too old to be commented.