PC Advisor Reviews Apple Mac Pro 3.2GHz

PC Advisor writes:

"In comparing the new top-of-the-line build-to-order Mac Pro with last year's fastest available model, a 3GHz, eight-core system, we find the Apple Mac Pro 3.2GHz to be 8 percent faster at Speedmark, 9 percent faster in our Photoshop test suite and 13 percent faster at Cinema 4D.

The one test where the older 3GHz machine bested the Apple Mac Pro 3.2GHz was in the Quake average framerate tests - in fact, even the Power Mac G5 turned in a better score on this test. The lower scores could be due to a lack of graphics driver optimisation, but the ATI Radeon HD 2600XT does represent the low-end of the graphics cards offered for the new Mac Pros. We've seen improvement in the past after subsequent OS X updates. We'll be sure to retest these systems again when the next updates arrive."

- In most scenarios, the Apple Mac Pro 3.2GHz truly is Apple's fastest Mac yet.

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