The Club: Online deathmatch video come's with al new video of The Club for the PlayStation 3.

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avacadosnorkel3724d ago

Multiplayer looks below average.
I think this is just an arcade 1 or 2 player turn game.
But it's good at the arcade part.

timmyp533724d ago

via an official gametrailers video of the MP. BTW this was fun offline for awhile but i don't know how long the amusement will last.

GIJeff3724d ago

this game feels to "xbox360"-ie for me. motion blur, bad camera placement, weak particle effects. Lost Planet is the same way.. I dont get why people feel the need to ad motion blur, unless they like hiding things... you're eyes, when not focused on an object, blurs it for you. I hate depth of field and motion blur.

GIJeff3723d ago

disagrees? from who? people who like lots of motion blur? i'm confused. If you like it, good for you, explain why. Are your eyes not capable of focusing?

LevDog3724d ago

The demo sucks.. So does the game.. and haha does anyone die in that video.. One guy shot someone like 10 times and he just rolled away.. If you gonna make a shooter nowadays you better follow RFOM and COD4 or your sales are gonna fail..