Videogamer: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Hands-On

Videogamer writes:

"We loved Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas so much so that our esteemed leader Tom gave it nine-out-of-10 when it was released back in December 2006. But since then the first-person military shooter bar has very much been raised. You know what I'm talking about: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

And so, with the bar raised, Ubisoft Montreal has quite a job on its hands developing a sequel to the acclaimed Vegas that's not only a step forward for the series, but stands out as a shining light for the genre. With this in mind, we sprinted (that'll make sense later) towards Ubisoft HQ to get some serious hands-on time with Rainbow Six Vegas 2's multiplayer, and found out what the score is."

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