Macross 30 debut trailer

Namco Bandai has shared online the debut trailer for Macross 30, its Tokyo Game Show-announced 30th anniversary Macross game due next year.

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chiwoo2063d ago

I can only dream that they bring this over

rainslacker2062d ago

I always wondered why a macross game never made it to the states. We had some Robotech ones, but the original Macross is one of the best anime series ever, and every anime fan knows about it.

Personally I always liked the DYRL SRPG they released on the PC-Engine CD. :)

Godmars2902063d ago

Isn't this just on the PS3?

Neonridr2063d ago

according to the information at the end of the article header it says 3DS, PC, PS3, Vita, Wii U and Xbox 360, so I am guessing that's the platforms it is for.

Getowned2063d ago

wait... Macross!?!?!..Sweet. not much of a trailer, if I didn't know of Macross I wouldn't be intrested.

kesvalk2062d ago

what genre is this? cuz if i go by the trailer it' a dating sim....

hope it's a shmup like the old snes game.