Rainbow Six Vegas 2 "possible" on Wii

Upcoming Xbox 360, PS3 and PC military FPS Rainbow Six Vegas 2 "is possible" on the Nintendo Wii, its developer has said.

Speaking to in an interview, Vegas 2 developer Philippe Therien, from Ubisoft Montreal, said "I would never say never" when asked if a Wii version of the tactical shooter could come to the Wii.

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ChickeyCantor3754d ago

For some reason developers do not want to create a whole new system for a port.
therefor it will be some aiming on screen and some waggle attached to it.

plus they need to optimize it for the platform....
i don't think they will bring vegas2 to the wii.
maybe a different FPS......*redsteel 2* ? ? ? ?

BloodySinner3754d ago

If that's the case, their either going to downgrade it in order for it to perform on the Wii OR create the game for the Xbox 360, PC & PS3 with the Wii in mind (meaning it won't be built to its fullest potential on the power systems).

ChickeyCantor3754d ago

who told you that?

Wii will use a different/from ground up or a modified engine.
so why would this effect 360 and PS3's engine?

Expy3754d ago


Except, heavily upgraded/downgraded depending on the hardware. As for the Wii, heavily downgraded.

Alcohog3754d ago

They say you can do anything if you put your mind to it. XD

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