Losing platform exclusives is no concern for Microsoft "Yesterday, EA announced the Mass Effect Trilogy for the Xbox 360, PC and PS3, marking the first time the original Mass Effect, released nearly five years ago in 2007, will be made available for Playstation 3 owners.

While everyone is excited for the compilation, the trilogy’s release arguably further indicates that Microsoft are not only no longer interested in securing or creating new platform exclusives (outside of Kinect or XBLA), but also in keeping existing properties they themselves published from being lost to competitors.

The fact that the original Mass Effect was a Microsoft Studios-published game and is now jumping ship to their primary competitor’s console is just embarrassing. If Microsoft can’t or won’t bother to create new exclusives, then they could theoretically at least make an effort to keep their existing ones that they themselves published from being lost to competitors... right?"

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RmanX10001943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Im sorry but Microsoft does need SOME exclusives other than Halo or Gears. Any other exclusive is lost to obscurity. Anyone remember Blinx?

AnotherProGamer1943d ago

man I love Blinx! I would buy a 360 right now for a new blinx game.

darthv721943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

the only "real" exclusives are those made by the 1st party (parent company) or 2nd party (division of the parent company).

3rd party exclusives are there due to contracts relating to financial agreement. AKA: paying for them. That can be in the form of funding the development of the game in exchange for publishing rights.

Or agreements that allow one platform to receive a copy prior to any other platform. AKA: timed release.

The argument of which company does or does not pay for exclusives is pointless. Nintendo cares about their own software ever since the early 90's when a bunch of companies sued them for creative control.

Basically, that meant Nintendo could not retain all rights to the release of a game and prohibit the developers from releasing a version on a competing platform. Since then, Nintendo has always been about their own in house development.

Sony was the same way. Remember, Sony was new to the console market and their only efforts were through the Sony imagesoft software division. So yeah, they paid and paid lots of $$$ to get games and eventually game developers as 1st and 2nd parties.

MS on the other hand has no problem with throwing $$ around to get results. They may have a few 1st/2nd parties but they know that the easiest way to cash in on their game investment is by making deals for content. This is not a new thing yet some people seem to find this offensive.

This is an industry where anything can happen. I mean, I never expected Sega to bow out like they did but...they did. If the developer is a small company then they depend on a larger company to fund the game.

EA has funded many games in the past and then became a sort of 'buy up the little guy' if they felt their product and team was worth the investment. Sony, the same thing.

So I dont know which is more evil in the public eye. A company like MS buying a piece of the pie that is shared with everyone else. Or Sony buying the whole pie and only sharing it with themselves.

If you are the pie maker it probably doesnt matter as you are still getting $$ for the pie. It should matter if you are now obligated to make pies only for one then there would be more pressure on you and if they dont like them. You are let go.

Sad that many smaller developer studios have closed that were once part of a bigger company. They could have had a chance of staying open if their product had gotten in the hands of more people. Oh well...

guitarded771943d ago

@ darthv72

Well said. MS's strategy is making them money, and I don't see them moving away from it anytime soon. I really hope it ends up biting them in the ass so they will make more exclusive core titles, but it won't happen this gen for the reasons you stated.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1943d ago

If they wanted a huge selling point for next gen they might as well buy off call of duty. I've got about 10 guys on my list who play nothing but cod. They buy other games a d they collect dust or sit wrapped. I'm sure those guys would jump ship if cod was only to hit he Xbox. It might as well with he way they screw the ps3 user base. I'm sure ms would make their money back on hardware sales by dropping even more money to them for sole exclusive rights.



Actually a game made by a division of the parent company is still a first party, as the relation parent-division implies, the parent company own everything within the game as the developer studio (and what it makes) is also owned by them.

A second party would be a game made by an unrelated developer company under a contract with the console parent company. Being so that the ownership of assets is either shared or negociated.

Usually this parent company offers funding in exchange for the IP rights of the project the developer presents.

Sometimes the console company already hold the IP or have the project but lacks the developement team to work in it, than a thrid party developer is called to get the game done under a contract, in this case I'm not sure if it's second party or a kind of outsourced first Party.

One easy way to differentiate from third party exclusives, although they may be paid for, no assets of the game are owned by the console company (at least not beyond, maybe, publishing rights) and the game may be made multiplatform if the developer or publisher decides to (again, depending on who is the publisher).

starchild1942d ago

I personally dislike exclusives. I don't believe our industry will mature until we get past all the division.

Imagine if we had to buy 7 different brands of dvd player just to watch all our favorite movies. Insane. Well, this is the reality we live with in gaming.

The PC is my main platform and there are many games I can only play on the PC. But then there are games on the 360 and PS3 and Wii and Vita and PSP and 3DS--whew!--that I also enjoy and can only play on one of those platforms.

I'm sick of having to buy so many systems just to enjoy all my favorite games. I want to play Assassin's Creed Liberation, for example, but I don't want to have to buy a Vita just to play that game and maybe a couple others.

I've basically resigned myself to the fact that I will miss some of the games that might have otherwise been my favorites simply because I don't want to buy every system every generation.

I think that next generation I will stick with my PC and only one other console.

EVILDEAD3601942d ago

The first Mass Effect going Multi over 5 years later is not going to hurt the 360 at all.

The game had it's time, made it's money, built up the fanbase and will still be selling on 360 with the new compilation in November.

But I think it's a good thing for EA and MS to let this finally get to all the consoles. There really isnt a major incentive to hold it back.

I own em' all and still would love to pick it up if it included all the DLC.

But, with it coming on the 6th, the day H4 arrives I honestly doubt too many 360 fans are going to notice.


pixelsword1942d ago

Well, I don't own any of them, and I really liked the heard mode from ME 3, so I might just buy this for the 360 when it comes out, of if they put it all on one disc, I'll get it for the PS3 because Mass Effect, Dust 514, and the DC Universe Online I'm getting into, that thing will probably be in my PS3 for the entire year of 2013.

DigitalRaptor1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Starchild... It's as though you've only just realised that exclusives exist?

They've been there since the dawn of console gaming and will continue as long as the companies continue to support their own consoles. You don't like them enough to justify? Starfox, Metroid, Kirby, DK, Zelda, Mario, F-Zero for Nintendo. Halo, Gears of War, Forza for Microsoft. Uncharted, LBP, Ratchet, Ico, Sly Cooper, Jak, God of War, Gran Turismo, The Last of Us for Sony. PC is a platform that I love too for its own merits, but you can't get out of the brilliance of a console's exclusives either.

And these kind of games are never going multiplatform as long as they are supporting their investments.

"Imagine if we had to buy 7 different brands of dvd player just to watch all our favorite movies. Insane. Well, this is the reality we live with in gaming."

DVDs are a universal distribution standard for movies. You don't see Warner Bros or LionsGate making their own DVD players because it's not feasible, and if all it's doing is playing a movie, then there's literally no point.

With games consoles and handhelds, they are completely different, especially each generation, with different input types and interface etc, that having one console is not feasible in the slightest. Not to mention that rival companies have their own consoles to make business and adapt to a culture. You just can't shrug off what has been standard for entire generations.

And I don't believe our industry will mature until developers go beyond their comfort zone and create something that is both challenging for them to create and inspiring and new to audiences. This has to happen more often and the mainstream has to promote it if gaming is to mature. I'm sick of seeing Call of Duty at the forefront of mainstream gaming.

Bigpappy1942d ago

This article feeds in to the Narrative that is used heavily here on N4G by the PS3 base. The truth is, Console makers all only have a few successful exclusive IP's. Nintendo has Mario and Zelda. Sony has Kill GT, Uncharted and GOW. M$ has Halo, Gears and Forza. Yes they all have other exclusives, but these are the games that can be call 'system sellers'.

From my experience of over 20 years of gaming, I find that once a systems have established a fanbase, it has to do with innovation with new and better experiences, to keep the base and draw new customers. These can be new top tier IP's, or new feature built in or added to the console. New IP's do not need to be 1st party to be exclusive (Blue Dragon).

M$ will do, next gen, what is did this gen. It will have the first party (Halo, Gears, Forza, Kinect...), but it will also scout and publish promising 2nd and 3rd party games as exclusives. Then it will have exclusive feature added to other hot 3rd party games to differentiate the experience from that of the other consoles. If comparisons in the media and among gamers, show the hot games performing better on one console over the other, that could be big in moving some gamers in either direction.

I assure you MY will have plenty of exclusives, they just wouldn't be 1st party. But they will focus heavily of making the gaming experience on Xbox next, have features that will be exclusive to their console.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

"According to the company, owners now spend more time watching TV and listening to music through the console than playing games with it. The average household now use the Xbox for 84 hours per month and the majority now goes to movies and videos, said Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi."

It's a entertainment hub but it can play games also. This is how MS sees xbox. I think games for them is a becoming only a partial interest.

They won't spend money on new Ip's because it cost more money and takes less effort when using a third party. Also they can write infinite checks.

I am so buying a ps4.

Aceman181943d ago

i use my cable for my entertainment purposes that's what its there for. my gaming console is first and foremost a gaming console with the occasional view of netflix, and movies.

stuna11943d ago

But do you really think that that would really be the case if Microsoft funded more 1st party studios with unique fresh ips? I think not! I think most people bought their consoles for gaming, with the media hub aspects being secondary! Don't get me wrong the Halos Gears and Forsas sell consoles and all, but people would be crazy to think that the xbox 360 fanbase doesn't want 1st party exclusive titles only available to their consoles. Also it's not like Microsoft isn't pushing this media hub idea.

killerhog1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Ms and a lot of people are failing to realize, that the "core" are the ones who buy their newer product on release for a higher price, compared to those who wait for price drops or cheaper products (casual). Ms is abandoning their core and they were the ones who made Xbox what it is now, but now they are left feeling abandoned and questioning their purchase. The core is what kept Sony afloat when the ps3 released, the core is what Nintendo wants to ensnare for those day one Nintendo wiiU purchases. I find what ms is doing quite dumb so close to this generations end and the start of a new one. People who buy consoles buy them for games with everything else being second. That's why I bought my ps3 for games, didn't matter if it played Blu-ray or streamed content. I use my pc to stream/browse the web,, i hook up my iPod to my Logitech stereo etc.. The fact that most people already own a 360 or ps3 as an "entertainment system" means they wont be in a hurry to buy the new product, so it's left to the core to do so.

AngelicIceDiamond1942d ago

@Money Right so its the consumers fault for the lack of exclusives. MS saw this and capitalized on it.

Remember when Sony was pursuing what MS has done now with there console, Sony was the first one who wanted music and movies/TV on there console.

Sony wasn't successful at first so they focused on the games. and while implementing entertainment services at the same time.

Well according to the rumors MS has been making next gen games since 2010. So I suspect that has something to do with the lack of new ip's.

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WeskerChildReborned1943d ago

Agreed, all i see is Forza, Gears, Halo and some Kinect titles, we need more exclusives!

ItsTrue1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Correction, "need" should become 'want'.

subtenko1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

This is why PlayStation is my preferred console for gaming. I can always count on a more plentiful amount of exclusives and new IPs every year. Plus the developers are just fantastic with devs like Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, etc.

Xbox360 became my secondary console of gaming this gen, but I think next gen it may become third. Only time will tell.

palaeomerus1943d ago

I got rid of my PS3. The exclusives were usually overhyped and turned out to be pretty forgettable and mediocre. Uncharted was good though. The rest...meh. I got tired of God of War by the 3rd one.

Multi-plats were the big thing this gen. It's probably why exclusives have been dwindling except for a few titles. They just don't compete well with the big AAA multiplats.

srcBFMVBMTH1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )


"The exclusives were usually overhyped and turned out to be pretty forgettable and mediocre."

That's EXACTLY how I felt about most 360 games that came out. lol

When Gears of War was first released however. I REALLY did enjoy it's multiplayer. But other than that. Their catalog was a big giant MEH :/ Especially considering that all they have been pushing out is Kinect shovel ware these days. -___-

Each to his own I guess.
PS4 and Wii U for me next gen.

VsAssassin1942d ago

I'd rather have new IPs every year than only 3 sell-out titles over and over. Some new IPs aren't all that very excellent, but at least risking to launch new IPs bring potential new series. But how about focusing on a few, yearly exclusives and over time they get stale? This is why, in the long run, Sony will still prosper. And it's not like Sony is not earning from thrid party titles; They're just not over-investing on them. They invest on new IPs!

MorbidPorpoise1943d ago

Loved Blinx, do miss Amped (Hated 3), Rallisport, Brute Force, Mech Assault and PGR... Lets not forget Rares back catalogue, as long as they arent kinect only games :P

They have enough franchises, they just need to actually use them in good ways.

srcBFMVBMTH1943d ago

Agreed, Microsoft DO have SOME good IP's, but they don't really use them.

And considering how hard they are pushing for Kinect titles these days and how well Kinect is selling. Those IP's won't really matter to them.

With them wanting the Xbox to be a media hub and all instead of a games' console. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of their launch titles ARE KINECT.

MYSTERIO3601942d ago

Loved Brute force and Mech assault on the first xbox although they weren't advertised at all they were great. I would definitely consider getting back a 360 if those titles became available.

Aceman181943d ago

they've made my decision to not purchase their new console very easy. i generally buy consoles that define them, but when you keep releasing the same 3-4 that i have no interest well i won't have any interest in your console.

I'll just keep my 360 and purchase any old game(s) i didn't play for super cheap.

ceedubya91943d ago

Well, we don't know much about the new console yet, or what new games will be available for it. Now that Microsoft is a power player, we may find that they are willing to take a few more risks with the next console and may fund more exclusive core games.

Knight_Crawler1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

I said this the other day that a inside Nintendo source told me that Alan Wake 2 will be on the Wii U and I got diasrees for saying that.

Alan Wake 1 did not make MS Halo or Gears numbers so they are not intrested in publishing Alan Wake 2 so Nintendo is trying to work out a deal with Remedy.

doogiebear1943d ago

It seems like gaming in general, is of little concern to Microsoft lately. All they care about is barely responsive Kinect games and Aps.

stuna11942d ago

And money! And that is not even a dig at Microsoft.

The truth of the matter is Microsoft is going to go where they think the money is! Case in point the "Casual" market is lucrative as far as there being money to make! It's just not sustainable in the gaming market, perfect example is the WII. It sold boatload, but the game attach ratio was way off.

Guaranteed that if the casual market dried up over-night, we all would see microsoft going in a totally different direction.

SilentNegotiator1943d ago

They'll regret it next-gen. It definitely didn't help Sony that they let so many games slide between the end of 6th and this gen.

aquamala1942d ago

How is mass effect 1 an exclusive when it's also on PC?

RmanX10001942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

And who created the OS that PCs generally run? Microsoft.

UnwanteDreamz1942d ago

That was stupid. OS is software smartguy. Console refers to hardware. Exclusive in this case refers to hardware the software can be played on.

ALLWRONG1942d ago

I don't know why people say the 360 has "no exclusives" when in reality (real world) it has more, in every category.


J_Cob1942d ago

Not hating but you should back up your comment with facts instead of just writing fact.

ALLWRONG1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago ) There you go. Try 360/PS3 Wiki.

I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. I'm going to assume you wont be back after you get the facts.

Are you scared to be wrong?

J_Cob1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago ) is your friend. You could also, you know, just link the 360/PS3 wiki pages.

IAmLee1942d ago

i don't even have to comment with some form of witty reply, all I have to do is tell you to look at your username and look at what you wrote. Kinda' ironic don't you think?

1941d ago
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showtimefolks1942d ago

All I now is this we supported MS early on and they were all about core experience just watch E3 from 2006 or 2007 and they keep saying core gaming this and core gaming that and now kinect this and kinect that. I do believe with Nintendo jumping not HD both Sony and ms will loose some fan base like those who only buy one system per gen may pick wiiu before ps4 or xbox720 is even released.

Also many people I know and around gaming sites are kind of pissed at MS for turning their backs on core gamers so whether you want to admit it or not they will loose a lot of people and potential buyers because of that

One thing in gaming community with core gamers which goes without saying is when people make up their mind about someone it stays for a long time. So IMO MS saw wii and casual gamers and forgot abut core gamers and with next gen they will crawl back to us. What's truely sad is Sony stayed with core gamers and either sold neck and neck or outsold xbox360 since than.

I don't think gets this business. They are the WCW of gaming where they want to run their competition out of business while they may hit big for a little bit but in the long run they will loose more often.

I know for me personally it's ps4 and wiiu. I love Sony exclusive content and the fact we will be able to play Nintendo exclusives in HD has me sold already.

I am a 2 system per gen and even than one system collects dustwth job and family it's hard finding time for long gaming hrs.

cedaridge1942d ago

AGREE! Most ppl here our fooling themselves to think Exclusives don't matter to Microsoft. Let the Gears of War series come to ps3, folks on here that say ''Microsoft already Beat Sony" would be utterly SICK if that was to happen. "EXCLUSIVES Don't Matter to Microsoft YEA RIGHT!" LOL psn: cedaridge

otherZinc1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

This article is written for the stupid.

SONY has lost GTA & MGS. Mass Effect is great but ME1 is 5 years old & well played. I beat ME1 6 times! Good for the PS3 owners that get an opportunity to experience a most fantastic game instead of a comic.

PS3 owners what exclusives are so great: MAG, SOCOM, PS3 Allstars, Resistance, MotorStorm, LBP Cart, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk 2 what, seriously...what? Those titles aren't great! GoWar, Uncharted, GT is it, period. Nothing else moves the needle at the cash register. Killzone tries very hard but that 60+mill SONY spent on that underselling Killzone 2 wasn't worth it to their bottom line!

Also, replay value. After I beat Killzone, Uncharted, Gow on my PS3, its over. Theres online & make believe co-op but it doesnt compare to the 360 replay value & especially co-op.

SONY is throwing a bunch of S*** at the wall hoping something sticks like Halo! SONY doesnt have a Halo or Gears, if they did they'd cut all these projects that combined cant outsell Gears of War 3!

343 Industries is the most expensive exclusive studio to date! Its a money maker with a massive following. M$ invested in a money maker.

Nintendo has Mario, money maker, huge following.

SONY has absolutely nothing to compare to those 2. So, SONY must continue to throw S*** at the wall to create such a Character/Title, right now they have nothing.

Also, what PS3 owner is excited about this holidays line-up of PS3 Titles: LBP Kart, PS3 Allstars, & remake compilations? I'm not. I'd rather have Halo 4 & Forza Horizon.

Keep trying...

Deathdeliverer1942d ago

So what you're saying as a "GAMER" is that you would rather have two or three excellent SELLING games a year, than a list of FUN, and NEW titles that all sell well? No one can be mad at microsofts focus on being a media hub, because people like you help them lose focus on REAL GAMES. I have this issue where I get all consoles because I want to be in ALL the good exclusive stuff. I don't play sales, I play fun games. How can I justify my day one 360 purchase, when I get shit on year after year with less to play exclusively? All that talk about Gears being published by MS$ so it will never be on PS3 has just gone out the window. Thats what happens when the checks stop coming. The 360 has got to be your first and possibly only console. There is NO WAY a gamer that has been around since at least PS1 or Sega Saturn would settle for such a a small list of actual playable fun exclusives. (I've been playing since Atari btw) I guess the same way the quality of music declines with time, so does the quality of gamer if you are anything to go by.

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PirateThom1943d ago

Are we still pretending exclusives don't matter?

Carl_Shocker1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Looks like it even though back shortly after the PS3s launch people were laughing that "Sony had no games" that they've done it better then MS those same types of gamers are saying it dosen't matter.

Fact does and thats because it shows a gamer how much the company cares about you as a core gamer and how much their willing to support their console.

Tyrus_911943d ago

Did you guys read the article? My opinion is that exclusives matter and that Microsoft's lack of care for creating new IPs in-house or facilitating new IPs with second or third-party devs, as well as keeping existing ones that they themselves published (such as Mass Effect 1 and Ninja Gaiden II) from jumping ship to their primary competitor, the PS3, is embarrassing and concerning.

CommonSenseGamer1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

"Embarrassing"? Really?

How much more revenue will MS earn from a now 5 year old game by allowing it for sale on another platform? Remember, software is where the REAL money is, not hardware.

I really hope MS and Sony come up with a single console next gen as having to buy multple devices is a pain for consumers and developing for multiple devices is more expensive fo developers.

UnwanteDreamz1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Monopolys are supposed to be a bad thing people. Imagine only being able to buy food or clothes at one place. Without choices consumers get screwed.

Very simple concept. No competition would be the death of gaming. Please rethink your stance and add more common sense, gamer.

EVILDEAD3601942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

@ Pirate Thom

Are YOU pretending that ANYONE says exclusives don't matter?

Are people pretending they read the article which the title changed to incite flame?

But, lets say you did read it..

Are you pretending the original Mass Effect
DOES matter now that two have already gone multi-plat?

Exclusives matter, which is why the 360 has done as well as it has this gen. Mass Effect has and still will always be on the 360.


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yesmynameissumo1943d ago

Yes Tom, we are. Now, of course, this is only in regard to Microsoft. Nintendo and Sony are doomed to share a bunk with Hitler in hell if they lose exclusives. Microsoft for some reason is above it by having the same games everyone else does besides Halo, Gears and Forza. I'd say Fable too, but the games simply decline with each release.

HarryMasonHerpderp1943d ago

Guys read the article.

I never thought the PS3 would get the original Mass Effect in a million years.
Seems that Microsoft don't even care anymore.
Maybe they have some big IPs ready for next gen. Maybe not. We will have to wait and see.

LAZL0-Panaflex1943d ago

When cable companies stream there wont be exclusives anymore.....probably consoles neither....ps5 and xbox 4 wii 3....what i meant

DeadlyFire1942d ago

They have one new one I believe. We will have to wait and see if its Kinectable or not. That is my main concern.

Shadonic1943d ago

Well if you think about it there has been a lot of info about xbox exclusive studios creating games for next gen games. Plus theres the free to play games being developed for 360 that i belive are exclusive. Either way this article does have some truths to it. Hopefully they will come around next year. I'm going for the next gen scenerio though, theres a lot pushing towards that scenerio where MS will announce new IP's to go along with Halo 5 and probably they will bring that fortnite game from epic to the next xbox.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1943d ago

How hard is it to realize you need exclusives Microsoft DUH! Halo is amazing, Gears is ok, Froza is alright, and that's all you got. Your gamers made your "XBOX EXIST" give them some great new exclusive games.

iamnsuperman1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Well a big thing going for them is getting COD timed exclsuive map packs. SO the average gamer gets a 360 so they can get the new map packs a month before the PS3. So many do this that their friends then get 360s because all there friends are playing it. This system works for Microsoft and also could transition to their next console with people all ready got X amount of achievements, friends...... In theory Microsoft themselves do not need to pump momeny into developing an exclusive as the timed exlcsuive model works very well especially when it comes to COD. Now do I like that (as a gamer who plays a variety of games). Definitly not and that has led me not to buy a 360 but a vast amount of people are not like me and it is making a lot of money for Microsoft so (from their perspective) why change

TheLyonKing1943d ago

But how long will COD last exactly, sales peaked a while back each game is selling less and my GUESS is that it will become average by the end of next gen it will turn into the final fantasy of this gen.

Once COD's timed exclusive mean nothing MS will have to find a new strategy if it hasn't just given up and become 99% video streaming box by then.

UnwanteDreamz1942d ago

Consumers / markets change and you have to change with them. One wrong move and your playing catchup. It is easier to rise to the top then stay there.

See tech bubble or gaming bubble. Good history lesson.

Ryo-Hazuki1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

MS got into the gaming industry to use gamers as a base to what they are REALLY trying to accomplish. They want it to become an entertainment hub. It was their plan all along.

Not to mention...
Xbox Live scam
Care more about securing exclusive DLC than creating their own games.
Market multi-platform games as their own.

I don't like their stupid tricks.
PS4 + Wii U next-gen for me

Aceman181943d ago

that will be my combo for next-gen also.

Christopher1943d ago

I'm not sure it was their plan, but I do worry about their move to turn PCs into a similarly closed off system like consoles and iOS/Android devices. I think their goal is to make money off of the work of others by controlling the OS, something Apple is doing very well on their own devices. I'm hoping laws come about that prevent this from happening and stop iOS/Android from having that same level of control.

Ryo-Hazuki1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

@ cgoodno

I really wonder how is MS going to pull off tricking pc gamers to subscribe to Xbox Live. Because I know they want to somehow integrate live to pc gaming. I can't wait to see them try that

deletingthis346753341943d ago

XBL is the biggest ripoff in recent history of gaming if I ever saw it. Charging for online multiplayer when every competitor offers it for free, and the best part is that you can't even watch Netflix on your 360 without paying for it, either.

TheLyonKing1943d ago

@segaKnuckles86 and whats even sadder is people are still paying for it! people who have an xbox have spend a lot of money for the xbox over the many years it has been out.

I weep for humanity when people are so stupid, plus they will justify saying "well it's the better online experience" the only difference is they have cross chat but that is hardly worth the price tag ms are asking.

Ryo-Hazuki1943d ago

@ TheLyonKing

I would love to see somebody defend paying for xbox live next-gen when PS4 has party chat. It's already stupid to pay for it now but could you imagine next-gen....

rainslacker1942d ago


MS wanted to be the center of everyone's living room long before they conceived of the first Xbox. I remember reading something about it when Windows XP first came out in PC magazine.

Releasing a game console was a way to do this, however it wasn't the only reason for releasing the first Xbox. They also wanted to be in on the very lucrative gaming market which was booming pretty big at the time of it's release.

MrBeatdown1942d ago

"I really wonder how is MS going to pull off tricking pc gamers to subscribe to Xbox Live. Because I know they want to somehow integrate live to pc gaming. I can't wait to see them try that"

Too late. They already tried charging $50 for Games for Windows Live. They gave that up after a year or so.

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Statix1943d ago

Cool, I didn't even know they were bringing Mass Effect 1 to PS3. From a lot of people I've talked to, that is the best game in the Mass Effect series, so I look forward to playing it.