Skype On PS Vita Updated To Version 1.50

An update was released today for Skype on the PlayStation Vita and this 11MB patch adds a few different features to the app.

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Hatsune-Miku2064d ago

They need to add text support to Skype. Sony needs to add a texting app and an E book reader app

TrendyGamers2064d ago

How is Skype on the Vita? Is it better than a iPhone?

MaxXAttaxX2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

Actually, video call quality worked better for me on Vita.

portal_22064d ago

"texting app"

It was available day 1.

BringingTheThunder2064d ago

these updates are killing my 4gb memory card

r212064d ago

Me too buddy, the whole updates till 1.80 is taking up, i think, 1 gig of my mem. Planning to buy an 8 Gig and upgrade but my main focus right now is games :I

DivineAssault 2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

ya i know right? i just cashed in my best buy reward points & had em price match amazon for my 32GB.. I only spent $23 for it.. The memory is the biggest hurdle with vita to me.. I couldve used that credit for a good game instead.. What i did when memory was low was transfer unused apps n demos into my ps3.. But going back & forth backing up & extracting sucks.. @ least ps plus will give u an extra gig of cloud memory when it hits vita

vikingland12064d ago

Ok i'm off topic but, I am thinking of buying a vita tomorrow. Does anyone have any recomendations for some good games? I would buy 2-3 games and a 32gb memory card. Any help would be appriciated. I'm thinking Gravity Rush,Sound Shapes and Little Deviants.

Danniemon2064d ago

Little deviants is not much fun, get little big planet which is awesome, gravity rush and sounds shapes are great

vikingland12064d ago

Thanks,I have LBP 1&2 so I really don't need another one. How is Uncharted? is it long? or are there some good RPG's yet?

Ult iMate2064d ago

The lenght of Uncharted GA is what you can expect from an Uncharted game and a bit more.

jon12342064d ago

i have lbp 1 and 2 also, and that didnt discourage me from getting the vita version.... you should get that game, its fun

KillerPwned2064d ago

I would Highly recommend the games you picked besides Little Deviants. Get Uncharted without a doubt you will love it. As for RPG's your SOL till next month as Ragnarok Odyssey releases that will be the RPG to get unless you go with PSP or PSONE titles. If you like MGS and do not own the HD collection its worth it to have that. Resistance and Touch katamari are pretty good. I love Touch Katamari and its only $20.

Do not back down from buying a 32GB card I bought one and even with games installed, apps, updates, PSONE titles a few PSP titles. I still have 20GB left. Also PS+ will be coming to Vita owners in Nov along with in Oct Sony will be launching their app store for phones and Vita.

That is all I would have to recommend within the next couple of months some great games are coming to the Vita.

Ult iMate2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

Uncharted is some gem. Get Unit13 if you like fun shooters with stealth elements and long single player campaign (I have Resistance too, but it's quite short). Both have strong graphics for the handheld.

GribbleGrunger2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

If you want to make your Vita glow, buy Gravity Rush, Golden Abyss and LBPVita. Did I mention LBPVita...

himdeel2064d ago

I'd also recommend Unit 13. For RPGs on the Vita I have no recommendations. I've only been playing PSP and PSOne RPGs at the moment.

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nevin12064d ago

How do you add money to Skype if you dont have a credit card?

Skate-AK2064d ago

You can probably use a visa gift card. I've bought stuff off PSN with one.

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