Dead Space 3 PC System Requirements Revealed

Dead Space 3 will be available on February 5th of next year and the pre-order page on Origin has revealed the system requirements you can expect for the game.

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Prcko1903d ago

8gb ram
8 core processor
HD7950 3GB
this will fly!

mrkeith1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Its a AMD processor. Intel's 4 cores beat that eight core. It didn't cost that much actually. $700 system. It will however probable reck that game. Hopefully its optimized properly for PC. The graphics card cost the most so maybe $800 system

Bladesfist1902d ago

Well the 8150 is on par with the 2500k. I have a similar PC

8 core
8gb ram
GTX 660Ti 2gb

ninjahunter1902d ago

4gb Ram
Duel Core Processor
Nvidia 555m gt 1.5gb
This will fly!

Relientk771903d ago

Cant wait for this next Feb

TrendyGamers1903d ago

Same here. I'm really excited for the game.

BootHammer1903d ago

It should look amazing maxed out. Can't wait to play it on my Aurora R3 =) Wish it was coming out this year but that just gives the devs more time for polish and added content.

mcgrottys1902d ago

yeah that threw me off guard right there. The ATI 1600x was my second proper video card I've bought for gaming, kinda made me nostalgic.

1903d ago
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