PSP Echochrome costs 55% more than PS3 version

Gamernode: The unique puzzle game, Echochrome, will land in Japan on March 19th. It will be available both as a PlayStation Network download for the PS3 and in UMD form.

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jackdoe3514d ago

Yep. Only reason for the price difference. Though, I think a better way for Sony to distribut Echochrome would have been to make one version that would work on the PS3 and would be downloadable to a memory stick to play on the PSP.

deeznuts3514d ago

So simple, yet so profound.

ATLRoAcH3514d ago

Exactly what I was thinking.Just like the PSOne classics are playable on both platforms.

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Alcohog3515d ago

Awesome looking puzzle game.

DTClown3515d ago

dude, leave the jokes to the professionals. You are not funny.

moujahed3514d ago

George Foreman probably doesn't even know how to operate a PSP, let alone say " Echochrome".

mullet3514d ago

Why because he's black? RACIST!

deeznuts3514d ago

How about he's just old?

mighty_douche3514d ago

ahh who knew UMD's cost money? isnt manufacturing free these days?

Iamback3514d ago

yeah, this article is stupid, of course game is going to be more expensive on PSP, although 55% is a lot.

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The story is too old to be commented.