New Grand Theft Auto IV images

You can check out all of the new images available on the official website without having to go through all of the pages.

Check them out by clicking the link.

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Mr PS33574d ago

Microsuck is gonna totally own this game on launch day ?
so they say

Mattearl3574d ago

Or do the graphics look a little lacking?

either way, this game is going to be in my PS3 library. :)

DADO3574d ago

They sure could have done a better job on the graphics. This looks like a ps2 game. I am sure that the game play will be excellent but the graphics are last gen.

k2d3574d ago

The screen of Niko standing in the rain - epic.

power0919993574d ago

Not sure who would disagree with a opinion but they still manage.

Yeah that is a great screen shot.

I am really getting excited for this release.

fenderputty3574d ago

I can't see them while at work.

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The story is too old to be commented.