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Dead or Alive 5 Review | GameTrailers

GameTrailers: "Dead or Alive 5 capably reaffirms the intrinsic charm of the series: fast, technical fighting that’s easy to pick up, easy to appreciate, and easy on the eyes. But rather than advance the series into a new level of play, it merely repackages the its strong points rather than evolve them." (Dead or Alive 5, PS3, Xbox 360) 7.9/10

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Goodfella78  +   731d ago
To me this looks no better than doa4 on the first xbox!
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Ashunderfire86  +   731d ago
doa4 release on the 360 you mean doa3 for first xbox
Goodfella78  +   731d ago
My bad thanks for the correction ;-)
Ashunderfire86  +   731d ago
Its all good no worries.
NBT91  +   731d ago
I have the game and can assure you it is better... At least to me.
Lucretia  +   731d ago
you obviously havent played DOA if u made that mistake, You also havent played 5 obviously, its def different, and its fantastic
Goodfella78  +   730d ago
Yes i have played it and i owned an original xbox,please dont tell me what i have or havent had or call me a liar,thanks,it was friday night here and i was drinking jd thanks......
Lucretia  +   730d ago
wtf, Im talkin about DOA5 trollboy, lol
Goodfella78  +   729d ago
you obviously havent played DOA if u made that mistake, You also havent played 5 obviously, its def different, and its fantastic, read you own posts before you add them,!!! and troll boy??? what are you 9 years old or something?...grow up...
WilliamH  +   731d ago
This game is best fighter of the year, so much fun as deep or as casual as you want to make it.
young7yang  +   731d ago
I love this game..

my favorite fighter this year.. period!

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