Sega Shows Difference Between Condemned & It's Sequel

OXM writes:

"Sega's latest trailer for Condemned 2 is one that illustrates the difference between the survival horror and its predecessor.

The difference seems to be that Condemned 2 takes violence and rams its head against the door of 'good, clean family fun' before doing it again and then kicking it in the side of the head but hey, that's just our observation. Watch it for yourself and see if you can spot the differences!"

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meepmoopmeep3783d ago

looking pretty sweet... i wonder what the ESRB has to say about the violence though.. hopefully they don't have to tone it down too much

Dr Pepper3783d ago

The devs worked with the ESRB to make sure it wasn't too much (they had to cut out some stuff). With that being said, it still looks brutal and intense, with the violence/gore level higher than the first one (from what I've seen).