Why Sony and Playstation is Not Doomed

Over the last year or so I’ve noticed a trend in predictions and conjecture regarding the future of gaming, that is, Sony either isn’t a part of it, or it won’t be for very long. This kind of doom and gloom is not exactly uncommon, and certainly not exclusive to Sony, but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a gamer that thinks they haven’t received the bulk of it recently. I think a lot of it is understandable and some completely reasonable, but it’s a glass-half-empty perspective that’s largely unfair. Here’s why I think Sony isn’t doomed, and why the PS4 is in a much better position than you might think:

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wastedcells1940d ago

Another article on this? Why it's doomed why it's not doomed... STFU already.

Hatsune-Miku1940d ago

Just look at the competitions and you'll know why PlayStation isn't doom. You have one company trying to copy remote play, transferring with hardware power similar to a ps3.

The software offering on the other consoles aren't comparable to PlayStation

morkendo231940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )


wait for it.............360 is DOOOOM!!
whats next wii-U is doooooooooooom
i fell and i cant get-up im doooooooooom!!


abzdine1940d ago

because they have a huge fan base.
and please stop this waste of time.

Bigkurz851940d ago

"Are." Not "is." It's like basic schooling doesn't exist.

knifefight1940d ago

look mans we doesn't has not time four ur "skoolz) and 'grammers" ,.man THis is gam jernalism dude u either get it or u didsn't..

its liek Pink Floid sed;
WE DONT NEED NO EDJUCASHON,! so if u cant reed teh gamez jernalizum. then yuu kneed 2 git the fug ,aut,!.

Andrespetmonkey1940d ago

My bad. Original title just had "Sony" in it, I added "Playstation" after and just didn't notice the "is".

GribbleGrunger1940d ago

It's fine, I just read 'Sony and Playstation' as a noun phrase.

sway_z1940d ago

The same ill wishers that want the PS brand to die, are the same pests who will mourn it's won't happen, GTFO!

Ult iMate1940d ago

The funny thing here is that doom'n'gloom articles collect much more comments, than articles like this. So I think we should support this article by giving a hit to the link and more comments here.

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