Microsoft Faces Nightmare on Xbox HD DVD Marketing Street

This week, Microsoft slashed the price for the Xbox 360 HD DVD disc player from $179 to $129, using the company's Gamerscore and Major Nelson blogs to market the $50 price cut in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There are plans to spread the news with Xbox 360 Dashboard banner ads, e-mail newsletters in late February, and limited retail store advertisements.

A marketer's worst nightmare remains finding reasons for consumers to buy products being phased out or ones that will become obsolete, especially for a technology brand. New product cycles are about every six months.

Some view the price cut as a desperate move by Microsoft to revive the HD-DVD brand, following decisions by movie studios, producers and retail stores to side with rival Blu-ray format.

Industry experts wouldn't speculate on when Microsoft might discontinue manufacturing HD DVD disc players as an accessory for the Xbox 360, but did weigh in with marketing advice when products appear doomed to failure.

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thejackal20083574d ago about flogging a dead horse! :/

marinelife93574d ago

If they make a Blu-Ray add I wonder if it will look the same as the HD-DVD one. 360 have enough slots to plug all their external drive stuff in?

Mr PS33574d ago

About thier customers(which they don't)
They would give this BetaHDDVDaddonMax away free with a game
I mean c,mon $129 for somthing that has no future !! Wow talk about trying to squeeze every penny possible outa their loyal sucka's

Death3574d ago

You refer to the HD-DVD as a Betamax. That is one of Sony's failed earlier attempts at securing a format. I found it amusing that the best you could do is compare HD-DVD to a Sony format. That is irony at its finest.


meepmoopmeep3574d ago

i feel sorry for the uninformed who buy into this.

novaIS3503574d ago

I feel bad for anyone who purchased anything with the HD-DVD logo on it.

Tempist3574d ago

Just think. They get to own a piece of history. Like how war museums typically have old artillery or vehicles outside of them. An ageless display of relics of old that fought for a cause.

It's not like they don't still work or function. HD-DVD as a future video format is out, but that doesn't mean you still won't make your own region free HD-DVDs. (Which is something I bet the bootlegging industry was rubbing its hands over.)

niall773574d ago

MS: buy HD DVD, its cheap.

the people: ok what movies are coming out on HD DVD?

MS: ..... ehh

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The story is too old to be commented.