New Halo 4 Flood Mode Gameplay

The Halo Council writes: No more blurry screenshots, we finally get a chance to look at Halo 4 new Flood mode.

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Muffins12231880d ago

This is going to rape cod so much...

FarCryLover1821880d ago

Obvious statement is obvious ;).

OneAboveAll1880d ago

This mode looks stupid. I love Halo, have it pre-ordered but this new mode is called "flood" mode. Where is the damn flood? All i'm seeing are some guys who are mutated and they all look the same and have a mutated club/knife/sword thing for an arm. -______-

spicelicka1880d ago


iNFAMOUZ11880d ago

what?! get outtta here lmao, fanboy troll

OneAboveAll1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

How am I a fanboy troll? Because I speak the truth? When someone says "Flood" game mode a lot of people expect to play as flood such as the smaller parasites, the Carriers that explode... you know.. THE ACTUAL FLOOD. Not some half assed version. I was expecting to play as the classic flood enemies.

You are an idiot. I hate people (such as you) who just toss the words fanboy and troll around like they are going out of style. Just shut the fuck up.

SixZeroFour1878d ago

@ oneaboveall

apparently you didnt look closely at what the "flood" you shoot at actually are, cause they are just mutated humans and covenant that got taken over by flood parasites (***SPOILER ALERT*** similar to what happened to captain keyes)...the "carriers" are actually mutated grunts that got taken over by the flood, and the main bipeds are mutated marines and elites...the only actual flood are the little peanut parasites

so this version of the flood gametype is actually spot on by having mutated spartan IVs...although i think it would be fun if for a pregame it would be cool if everyone was surviving from a whole bunch of flood and the first 2 to die would be the flood for the match

Shadonic1880d ago

>.> does it really matter? i mean if you really are a halo fan you would know that it was basically the same thing with infecton except it didnt have any real thing to show that your infected besides the black armor and the fact that you had a sword. You must not play halo much to say such things.

jdktech20101880d ago

"All i'm seeing are some guys who are mutated and they all look the same and have a mutated club/knife/sword thing for an arm."

Yea, those are the aforementioned flood.

I realize this might be sarcastic but I feel I should point it out for those less than up to date with sarcasm.

h311rais3r1880d ago

Uh this mode has been in halo since 3

aviator1891879d ago

The spartans ARE the flood. They've been only recently infected, so they haven't taken on their full form yet.

spicelicka1875d ago

Don't call the mode stupid when you don't know what it is. You were expecting "flood" mode to be like beast mode from gears of war, which is fine but 343 never claimed this is a new "mode" per se.

It's not a mode like spartan ops or forge, it's just a gametype that replaces infection. Since infection is so popular they actually designed flood skins for the zombies, completely as fan service.

Don't blame them just cuz you misunderstood. They already have campaign, spartan ops, custom games, forge, and theater so it's more than enough.

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iNFAMOUZ11880d ago

Halo 4 will become my life, goodbye life

FarCryLover1821880d ago

Videogames no matter how integral they are to us and amazing they are...they should not become your life.

CanadianTurtle1880d ago

I agree with you. I know this is off topic but keep video games as a hobby. Don't let it consume your whole life. Hit the gym, do other stuff, and then come back to gaming at the end of the day. It feels better than way.

aviator1891879d ago

I honestly think the guy was joking, exaggerating, etc. He's probably just conveying his excitement for Halo 4.

TrevorPhillips1880d ago

This looks really awesome! Can't wait for H4 :D

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