Resident Evil 6 - 21 must-know facts about the RE universe

GamesRadar - For sixteen years, Capcom has been unleashing hordes of zombies upon us in the form of Resident Evil. With close to two-dozen games in the franchise, it’s easy to get lost in the lore. It’s even more complicated for newcomers to the series who haven’t been following all the twists, turns, back-stabbings, deaths, revivals, and variations on viruses that have permeated Resident Evil’s narrative.

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dee-ecks1973d ago

Now, is it me or does the R.E. 6 logo look kinda...... naughty???

jeeves861973d ago

No. You're not the first person to see the giraffe.

PonyMadeFromTacos1972d ago

Warning: 21 facts are spread through 23 pages.

Relientk771972d ago

I know I really hate it when sites do this

memots1972d ago

I have been looking around fir this a cannot find an straight answer , Resident Evil 6 does it support ps Move ?