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timmyp533366d ago

Still cant wait for GTA 4 though XD.

diefor3366d ago

Is the best looking game i ever see. Like a movie. Now i want gameplay, please give me rockstar in GDC

power of Green 3366d ago

Looks friggin great for a sandbox. You know MSFT made sure this game was the possible best it could be. I won't even be on this site when people start to compare both versions.

Spike473366d ago

what do u mean by MSFT did the best they could to make the game great?

Well the game will be great on both consoles, hopefully Rockstar won't give those who want to to bash the PS3 a chance to.

Hopefully they will do as good as infinity ward and other great developers.

primordialmeme3366d ago

Other than the DLC (2 extra side mission lines) the versions will be identical according to Rockstar.

niall773366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

oh well should be enough to keep me busy until MGS4 is out

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