DICE 08 Shane Kim Video Interview (IGN)

Microsoft Games Studio's Corporate V.P. talks Halo, Gears, Too Human and more.

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Nicosia3723d ago

I love the grin he had when he talked about GeoW2 :). Good to see they got some jap stuff locked. Good interview, i think shane is a pretty cool dude.

Iamback3723d ago

actually way more, but yeah even those two are, but not like this one. Jesus he never stops...

Boldy3723d ago

These games are gonna be great!

power of Green 3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

The story twist of Too Human is what appeals to me most about TH. Things will be heating up soon. I just feel this year won't be the way many think.

#3's post is proof of that.

Anything but Cute3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

People are gonna buy PS3 this year because of GTAIV, Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Gran Turismo 5. All the most anticipated games are on 1 console.

I don't care how he tries to spin it. GTA 4 is not XBOX 360 exclusive.

wageslave3723d ago

Seems like a darn likeable fellow. I hope all the people in the last couple Shane Kim threads see this video and realize they were baselessly assaulting a person they'd only ever read about.

I'd have a beer and a burger with that guy any-day.

DarkSniper3723d ago

Shane Kim is nothing more than a figurehead that is programmed by the evil superiors in the Microsoft Corporation. This is why he appears to be uninformed and bland. Shane Kim will never display the personality that gives the console it's life.

Kaz Hirai, Phil Harrison and Jack Tretton all truly believe that PLAYSTATION® 3 is the superior next-generation console. It shows in their long term 10 year plan. Ask Mr. Kim how long he continues to support XBOX 360 and Dark Sniper would be surprised if he said past 2 years.


Dark Sniper3723d ago

Dark Sniper truly hopes that all support for the superior XBOX 360 is dropped as soon as possible, as that would be the only way that the Waitstation 3 would have a chance at succeeding in this Microsoft-dominated industry.

Iamback3723d ago

Hey fake Dark Sniper, do you realize how pathetic you are by copying his account, i mean going that far to pretend to be him? New point low...

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