Nintendo: Software Attach Rates Are Increasing

David Yarnton, the avuncular general manager of Nintendo in the UK, has said that attach rates to his company's gaming hardware are on the up.

Responding to criticism that Nintendo platforms have lower attach rates than their rivals, Sony and Microsoft, Yarnton said:

"We are still very early into the life-cycle but even so we are seeing the attach rate increasing all the time. As we bring new users to video games we are increasing future potential and as new product is released that provides innovation and appeals to everyone, we will see that attach rate grow further."

What Yarnton didn't give were figures for the Wii and DS's attach rates to demonstrate the improvement of which he speaks.

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BloodySinner3693d ago

By what, Nintendo? 0.001%? The PlayStation 3 is still early in its early life yet its software attach rate is greater. How's that?

ItsDubC3693d ago

Greater by what, 0.001%?

See, I can make unfounded assumptions too.

Recent findings suggest that the attach rates for the Wii and PS3 are very similar:

BrotherNick3693d ago

Bubble taken for making stuff up.

3693d ago
BrotherNick3693d ago

Haha, touche :) why talk then? It would be nice to have intelligent conversation sometimes.

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ChickeyCantor3693d ago

if i look @ the picture all i can think of is

anyhowzen its nice to know ( like we didnt know) that software is indeed selling!

-EvoAnubis-3693d ago

Of course it's going up. It not as if it could get any worse.

jackdoe3693d ago

Does he mean attach rates of First Party games or third party games? Cuz the main criticism was the low attach rates of third party games.

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