EA SPORTS officially cancels 'NBA Live 13' writes, "The first two NBA Live titles that EA SPORTS released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 were far from desireable, and ultimately allowed the NBA 2K series to shine. While NBA Live 09 & NBA Live 10 found the magic again and began to make strides, NBA Elite 11 became the company’s first cancelled sports title."

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NYC_Gamer2095d ago

NBA Live 13 looked garbage anyway

DaThreats2095d ago

NBA2k series the best ever b-ball games confirmed

MostJadedGamer2095d ago

Have to give EA a ton of respect. This is now the 3rd year in a row they have canceled there NBA game . Instead of putting out a subpar product they just continue cancelling the game, and delaying it to next year.

This is something you never see with sports games. Have to give EA a lot of respect.

pompombrum2095d ago

Yeah because they done it out of the goodness of their hearts as they wanted people to get value for their money.. LMFAO!

By cancelling the game again, chances are, it means many talented people will lose their jobs while the people most likely responsible for the cancellation, will still most likely be in their nice comfortable middle management/senior marketing positions.

jamesensor2094d ago

True. They spend in the ratio of 5 in development to 15 in advertising, sort of, which shouldn't be. Lots of talent, bla bla, but to make more of the same, then no thanks.

cashrell11712095d ago

I respect their decision but their taking too long and thats a big mistake...

The last live game was NBALIVE10 and it was amazing..i felt very good about live and thought they would build on it

I personally hate 2k basketball, its clunky and unresponsive...i bought one and will never buy used to the free flow of live

Ea is just afraid of 2k's surge in popularity and their second guessing themselves.....they need to remember their the original since the 90's

Outside_ofthe_Box2094d ago

You gotta love competition.

If only, if only 2K could make football games again.

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Software_Lover2095d ago

With all the hype they tried to put behind it? The many youtube videos calling it the savior of basketball games, and stating they are not getting paid by E.A.?

Oh well.

Belking2095d ago

This is just more evidence of why they went after the NFL license. They know 2k football games will steal a big chunk of the Madden market.

BlaqMagiq242095d ago

No surprise. NBA Live is garbage anyway 2K is king and EA knows it.

StrawHatPatriot2095d ago

It's amazing, based on how ahead of it's time NFL 2K5 was, if EA didn't get the exclusive license, Madden would've been like this.

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