Mass Effect DLC Takes Place In-Game

CVG writes:

"New details regarding the Bring Down the Sky downloadable content for Mass Effect have been confirmed by Bioware's community co-ordinator Chris Priestly.

Apparently, the new content doesn't take place after the game's conclusion, but in fact exists as one of the exploratory side-missions you can understake in the middle of the game.

So that means you'll need to dig out those save files if you've already completed the RPG."

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ASSASSYN 36o3754d ago

I am waiting to start the insanity difficulty just for this DLC.

power of Green 3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Yes I have to play through it on the hardest setting with Vangard or whatever.

I wonder if its just a action packed side mission in the truest sense or an addtion to the main story. Sounds like both!, side missions don't take an hour and a half and rarely have heart pumping action.

jackdoe3754d ago

Not a big deal. Mass Effect is good enough that you want to play it again.

JohnRico3754d ago

This will definitely make me want to play the game again

beardtm3753d ago

Damn! I have finished this game four times through already!

And once on the Insanity difficulty.

Ah well, I've still to play through as an engineer for the achievements related to using their classes powers 50 times.

Great game, and any DLC is welcome.