Puppeteer contains more content than you can imagine, says Art Director

Puppeteer´s Art Director Gavin Moore has sad that the game has more content than you can imagine. This is the reason why it´s a full blu-ray title.

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NukaCola2031d ago

Most games are about 10 hours in the adventure department. I wonder if they are going to pack it with enough to have a full on 20+ hour experience? Also, I wonder what the replay will be like and what other features it will have. PS Blog says there will be multiplayer. Also what are the setting changes? I wonder if they will have mulitplayer style where you unlock other parts of the level a la LBP style co-op. The wonders. I can't wait to find out more!

smashcrashbash2031d ago

Being a full fledged game breaks through the limits it would have had being a PSN game. I am hoping for tons of collectables and hopefully lots of hidden heads to wear as well as the normal ones.

Relientk772031d ago

Definitely looking forward to this game, looks very unique and artsy

Darth Stewie2031d ago

I bet the main character will appear in the next PSASBR as a playable character.

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