Game Biz Guns for Mainstream by Going Casual

The multibilllion-dollar gaming industry is hoping 2008 will be the first time videogames break out and go mainstream thanks to casual games that take minutes -- not months -- to master. This will be the year of casual games, say industry bigwigs at this week's DICE Summit game conference in Las Vegas.

Games that appeal to 'casual' players -- the kind of people who don't usually play games -- will be a key topic at this week's conference, perhaps the most important get-together in the gaming industry.

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SeNiLe9113789d ago

It's awesome! Very cool game that uses rumble like I have never seen before. It uses up to 4 other controllers, placing them all over your body, under your feet, behind the back, as you play the game your whole body rumbles to the beat of the music and game play. It's amazing. It's called Trance Vibration! Download it today!!!

permutated3789d ago

How does REZ apply to the causal gamer at all?

It's a linear, short single player experience.

Regardless of that, it's the best damn game ever made, bar none.

Hoping for a sequel.