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Nintendo to offer money for GTA V?

Given the fact that there are no news whatsoever that the next Grand Theft Auto will be released on Wii U console, many Nintendo fans should be hoping to see the company striking a deal with Rockstar Games.

If there was an exclusivity deal, Nintendo would have to offer Take Two or Rockstar an amount of money that would be in the same ballpark that Xbox 360 and PS3 sales would rake in, so that won’t happen.

Why would Take Two care about Nintendo making people buy consoles for GTA V? It would be more beneficial financially to rake in sales from 2 consoles and the PC release than release GTA V exclusively. (Grand Theft Auto V, Nintendo, Wii U)

NYC_Gamer  +   851d ago
R* wouldn't do any GTAV exclusive deal since that would cost them profit
Carl_Shocker  +   851d ago
I know right...they wouldn't do it for Sony and the franchise became big on their consoles

Hell look at AGENT...Sony give them the money to fund L.A Noire, then Rockstar said they would do AGENT as an exclusive instead if they let L.A Noire go multiplatform and no new info has came to light about the game, never mind if it's an exclusive.

If they didn't do it with Sony they won't do with for Nintendo.
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iamnsuperman  +   850d ago
R* will never do it because Nintendo do not have that kind of money to cover the potential lost sales if it doesn't appear on the 360 or PS3 or PC. Will GTA V make it way to the Wii U? No doubt it will. It makes sense to. Exclusivity? Hell no. It is almost dumb to even think it would. No company has that kind of money
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JoNaZ_RG  +   850d ago
But they could pay for time exclusive. Imagine that guys, that it would release three months before it releases on X360 and PS3. It would be funny and would definitely generate sales on Wii U. lol. But it won't happen.
smashcrashbash  +   850d ago
Exactly. As if Rockstar would miss out on all the money from the PS3, PC and 360 to drop it on a yet unproven system. Why hope for big sales when you already have them from your fanbase on other systems.
Pushagree  +   850d ago
GTA V will not, I repeat, will NOT, come out on a nintendo console. There is simply no market for that type of genre of game. People seem to think that just because nintendo has a big install base, then you have big sales and that is simply not the case. You have to look at who you would be selling it to. Nintendo fanboys can deny this fact until they turn blue, but the fanbase of nintendo does not buy any adult video games. The install base is mostly children and thier parents who bought them the console, so that is why adult games always fail to sell. We saw it with Madworld, we saw it with Manhunt 2, we saw it with Chinatown Wars and we will continue to see it. That is Nintendo's double edged sword. They knew that the family friendly image would bring in the sales, but it came at the cost of quality adult games.
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PopRocks359  +   850d ago
"GTA V will not, I repeat, will NOT, come out on a nintendo console."

Chinatown Wars was on DS.
Salamander  +   850d ago
I deny this fact.

If there are people with similar mindsets to my own, they will purchase the superior port provided they have the console to play it. Things can change, but if they share your mentality they wont.

I also deny being labeled a fanboy.
live2play  +   850d ago
nintendos fanbase is all kids who got their parents to buy them the console?

then why is it that a bunch of 12 year old brats is all i hear when gaming online on other consoles?

why is it that in almost every gaming website i go to almost every fan of ps360 is an immature pre pubescent tween calling himself hardcore to seem cool

Muigi  +   850d ago
GTA 1&2 came out on the gba...
Pushagree  +   850d ago
Chiniatown Wars also flopped so badly on the DS that they had to port it to psp. Again, my point is proven.
Hisiru  +   849d ago
Wut?? Are you on drugs?

The DS version of Chinatown Wars sold above 1 million (which easily gave a good profit for Rockstar) and the PSP version sold bellow 1 million.

If you really think there is no possibility for a WiiU version of GTAV, then you have some problems with your brains. Actually, your first post already shows you have some problems. Grow up man.
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live2play  +   850d ago
people AMAZE me

just because bayonetta 2 became a wiiu exclusive (because it didnt get enough sales to turn a profit)

now people are saying nintendo is buying franchises left and right
offering money to make games exclusive

this is so dumb

gta is very successful... why the hell would they mess with that?
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Neonridr  +   850d ago
Ubisoft has said it costs less than 1 million dollars to do a port from 360 to the Wii U. Even if they just ported the 360 version over, you don't think that Rockstar would sell enough copies to make back their 1 million bucks? You're crazy to think that.

ANYTIME I play MW3, BF3 or Halo it is ALWAYS little 12 year old wanna be gangsta's who do nothing but whine and swear when I play on Xbox Live. So stop saying Nintendo is full of kids. Most of the pre-teens nowadays can't think for themselves and are so desperate to do what's cool, so they play the 360 or PS3 because according to their friends, that is what is PERCEIVED as cool. Most people that choose to play Nintendo games do it because they know how much fun they are going to have, not how many heads they can shoot or how many hookers they can run over in their Hummer.

Rockstar would be fools not to put this over to the Wii U. Instant sales, and money never hurts..
RivetCityGhoul  +   851d ago
i don't know and don't care. just put the game out.
TheLyonKing  +   850d ago
Now thats an answer that sums up my thoughts perfectly.
RivetCityGhoul  +   850d ago
great minds think alike
claud3  +   851d ago
Take two/ rockstar know what they are doing. If profit is to be made and they will go in that direction. Nintendo on the other hand, do not know where they stand
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Muffins1223  +   850d ago
How ya doin...cosplay guy
MobyRoyale  +   850d ago
I'm not trying to be a jerk.


It's *OFF*...

If you want to come of(lol) as a tough kid on the playground.... nevermind.

There is no way I can say what I want to say in a respectful manner, so never you mind.
claud3  +   850d ago
Its just a saying in my profile nothing else.

On topic... Nintendo and rockstar/take two might strike a deal and might not. The timing has to be right though. The peak of GTA V sales and the profitable outcome for many that support it on their consoles. This might change Nintendos mind on getting it has a Wii U title
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colonel179  +   850d ago
There is a good chance that the game could be announced for the Wii U. They haven't announced consoles officially, so everything is possible. Obviously not as an exclusive though.
Ryudo9  +   850d ago
People forget Nintendo had a hand in GTA Chinatown Wars on DS.

Iwata & Shiggy both visited R* NY to check on it during development.

Would not be surprising if GTAV came to Wii U. Not as an exclusive but might offer a little extra like MS did with GTA IV.
tweet75  +   850d ago
remember how chinatown wars sold on DS probably the worst selling GTA ever
BrianC6234  +   850d ago
How many copies did that game sell, 25? It did so poorly they had to port it to the PSP just to probably break even.
beerkeg  +   850d ago
It sold over a million on ds, it didn't break a million on psp.
Benjamminkno  +   850d ago
oops! ... whammy!
BrianC6234  +   849d ago
It didn't sell anything close to that on the DS. It did so bad Best Buy had to drop the price way down within a couple weeks. If it sold a million copies they probably almost gave it away.
WeskerChildReborned  +   850d ago
Idk, theirs barely any news on GTAV.
DivineAssault  +   850d ago
lmbo!!! The pipe dreams ppl come up with..
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Tornadobounce  +   850d ago
How cool would it be though. Think of the mini games you could do. Remote control helicopter with camera?
nevin1  +   850d ago
Maybe I missed it, but where in the article that mentions rumors of Nintendo offering money?
Benjamminkno  +   850d ago
It'd be sweet if they could utilise the Gamepad in some way that's awesome. But I don't particularly care for GTA... There wasn't much new with 4. I'm sick of the whining about "Nintendo rehashing".
SolidGear3  +   850d ago
Forget GTA V and finish Agent! This is getting worse than the debacle with Square Enix and Versus XIII!
beerkeg  +   850d ago
I'd rather have GTA V thanks.
blackout  +   850d ago
Seems like Nintendo is trying to do what Microsoft did in the beginning of this generation. Microsoft gained a lot of ground this way. Exclusive i think not (GTA V) but look for Nintendo to start throwing money around, $$$$$ talk and they know they need the third party support. Exclusives are great but third party support keeps your system alive.
jacen100  +   850d ago
It will be on the wiiU, R will not resist what the tablet can bring to GTA ,, wiiU we know is more capable than current gen o yes and then there is the second screen , please hurry up R and get GTA to the Wii U
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ApolloTheBoss  +   850d ago
XxWalksOfShamexX  +   850d ago
As an exclusive, I highly doubt it. To be offered alongside the other two systems however, it would be beneficial to Nintendo.
Dlacy13g  +   850d ago
Nintendo doesn't have enough money to get it exclusive...nobody does at this point. They might be able to buy some exclusive DLC but I think they will be happy just to have it on their system.
RFornillos4  +   850d ago
i don't believe Nintendo will offer money for exclusivity deal for GTA V. i can think of a couple of reasons for this:

1. Unlike Bayonetta 2 that was dropped by SEGA, GTA V is not a game developed by a company that is in the same state as B2. Bayonetta 2 wouldn't even exist if Nintendo did not step in.

2. GTA has been multiplatform since, so going exclusive now won't make any sense, as it will just alienate fans.

3. Nintendo, although on its way to regain the core market it lost with Wii, is not desparate enough to pay such an amount just to get an exclusive deal with Rockstar. If you believe Nintendo is desparate because of Bayonetta, we go back to argument no. 1. Also, I believe the idea for Bayonetta 2 came after they conceptualized The Wonderful 101; they could have opened it up to Nintendo that they "have this wonderful product that would appeal to hardcore gamers, are you interested?"

Do I think GTA V will come out for Wii U? I hope so. Nintendo has a good relationship with them, and lots of potentials for a Wii U gamepad for GTA V. Would be good for business. Perhaps that would give me enough reasons to play GTA again.
stuntman_mike  +   850d ago
I dont think it should go exclusive but i hope it does come out on wii u.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   849d ago
Nintendo should just pay rockstar games for they own version of GTA
wiiulee  +   849d ago
lol..thats news , havent sony and microsoft offer millions for exclusive..fanboys are trying everything possible to chear up about the wii winning this generation...but no help the wiiu is the minority report of the next generation

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